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Reviews: "Everyone wants to go on a mission trip when it's just conversation. What Uvoh has complied in this small book reveals what it really means to serve, out of our comfort zone and into someone else's mess. His "hands on" reporting of what it is like to be a missionary is a call to service. It tells of an amazing journey: a life well spent." - Anonymous "Reading this at this time of the night, I can only pray this prayer:- God please give me the strength to return to missions. I respect you Bro. Uvoh Onoriobe oh You're so sold out to establishing the Kingdom of God on earth. And faithfully doing this consistently. I am reading this book and I pray that this fire will catch up with us reading this in fullness. Amen. God bless you and provide all the tools you need to deliver His calling." - Ufuoma Okotete-Awomosu "It’s awe-inspiring. Down to earth true life events you will identify with.  Indeed an edifying masterpiece.  Was reading

Nigeria of My Dreams

  WayForward Nigeria Doing Nothing Is Not An Option! Without robust productivity growth, living standards will continue to deteriorate, and the number of people living in poverty will continue to rise, increasing by more than 30 million by 2030. “Nigeria’s population is expected to grow by as much as 35 million in the next decade, and unless the pace of growth and job creation accelerates, the country will account for a quarter of all people living in extreme poverty worldwide,” Nigeria 🇳🇬 of my dreams I want to be part of a group that will birth the country I see in my dreams. A land so blessed. Yet mostly enjoyed by the political class n their families n the elite n some hardworking people. 200,000,000 million people With an abundance of natural resources, it is Africa’s biggest oil exporter, and has the largest natural gas reserves on the continent. 50% of Nigeria entire population live in extreme poverty. It’s human capital development remains weak due to under-investment and the

Dr Mena's Diaries -Behold, your adolescent, an all by himself!!!

Jide was a fifteen year old undergraduate of one of the prestigious Universities in his country...  He had never left home being an only child of his parents who had him at a pretty old age...His parents doted on him and he knew he was loved. He was sent to one of the best primary and secondary Schools around.  Contrary to the usual expectations, that an only child is overpampered and spoilt, Jide was well groomed and cultured. His mother had inculcated the right cultural and Christian values in him. His father, being a busy international businessman, was hardly around.... The trouble started when the dreaded cult group on campus started to mount pressure on Jide to become their member because, according to their leader, "J-boy you have the right biceps and physique that we need in our group to put fear in our opponents, we need you on board..." Jide had persistently turned down their overtures... I belong to Christ alone, he would respond boldly...


  Photo by  Luis Quintero  from  Pexels Last year, I was led to do a short study of the Book of Joel. As we pass through this pivotal season in this year 2020, it has dawned on me how the broad themes of this Old Testament prophecy lines up with what I perceive to be God's intent and prophetic calendar, in this season. In the first chapter we see God's people suffering a locust army invasion, which came about because they became complacent and dropped the ball, with regard to living by the Covenant in operation at the time. And the prophet was sent to warn them, to wake them up, and to stir up the people of God toward repentance. Most notable is that this locust army invasion did bring about severe negative economic fallout. And like what is happening now, what the Prophet asked them in Joel 1:2-3 was if anything like it happened in their days, or in the days of their fathers. Moving on to chapter 2, it was time to sanctify a fast and call forth a solemn assembly. And

Dr Mena's Diaries - Suicide Attempt Among Adolescents

Today is Friday, adolescent clinic holds every Friday at the Federal Medical Centre and I sincerely hope that Jenny's parents will keep to their doctor's appointment and bring her for follow up today.... I also do hope that Jenny's completely fine now. Please carefully go through Jenny's encounter as suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death among 15-24year-olds according to the CDC and prevention.....Also note that, suicide is a medical disorder and you should see the mental health physicians for therapy... Jenny was a seventeen year old female secondary School leaver who was rushed into the emergency room (ER) very floppy, sweating profusely and frothing from the mouth. She smelt of alcohol and kerosene and also had her clothes doused in Palm oil and herbs.... Doctor! Doctor!! Nurse please help, is a routine song that follows as the kids are rushed into the ER. She was accompanied by her parents, other relatives and concerned neighbours who kept urging he

Palliative - A tale of resilience .

Last night we ate quarrel for supper.   It was a local delicacy richly blended with the hungry wails of my two younger siblings and Mama’s raised voice ridiculing our politicians. She began with the President and his greedy cabinet, and then descended on the governors who hoarded the stay-at-home palliatives. Eventually, she reined in on Papa and how useless he became to the family since the lockdown commenced two weeks ago.   When it seemed like the punches of her words were running out of steam, Mama reached for an aluminium cover and clanged it against a forlorn, empty pot right in front of Papa’s face for good measure. “You hear that sound, eh? That is you. Hollow!” she screamed in Papa’s ears, her lean face ugly with anger. “Good-for-nothing is what you are.”   I huddled closer to the only window in our small one room apartment, no longer aware of my stomach which had growled only a few minutes earlier. In its stead was this shame. Shame over what the neighbour

Dr Mena's Diary- Baby Jo Crushed My Heart

Dr Mena It was a cold Monday morning in the Harmattan season, and all the doctors in the department of Paediatrics were busy tidying up patients in their respective units before the routine mortality meeting scheduled for 1:30pm , when Mrs Sim walked into the emergency room (ER) with her baby crying unconsolably. Madam how may we help you? The nurse in charge of our ER enquired from her. My baby Jo, has been crying and he is having a fever too, Mrs. Sim responded amidst tears. Alright Mrs. Sim, our doctors are currently busy with an emergency in the treatment room, the nurse pointed in our direction in the treatment room. We were battling to gain intravenous access for our severely dehydrated child who had just been rushed in a few minutes ago. However you should obtain a card from the health information unit and be seen by the doctors in the clinic the nurse directed her. Not more than five minutes after she was gone, we succeeded in the struggle and fluid resuscitation comm

The Year 2047

Tunde Ekpekurede My name is Tunde Ekpekurede, today is my 80th birthday. 27 years ago, I was then 53 years of age, there was a Corona Virus (some of you will remember this virus) outbreak that started in Wuhan China and the virus outbreak almost paralysed me and my finances. The virus caused a global pandemic that practically kept much of the entire world on a lockdown. Prior to this lock down, my finances were in a fairly good shape and I had a few promising contract opportunities lined up for me. However, once the virus pandemic set in, several of my regular clients cancelled their contracts and I gradually slipped into a state of panic. From a faith filled mind packed with plenty promises, I moved into a defensive and fearful mode. I remember one particular Friday during the pandemic, I sat in front of my television all day and by the end of that day, I was so fearful that even my wife could not believe the words that were coming out of my mouth. Fear wrapped up my entire m