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Moji's Account : Ekaete You Cannot Text My Husband

Moji's Account While she shut her eyes tight laying on the couch, a million thoughts rushed through her head .What if I did too much? She lastly thought. Then she heard the door shut behind her and some foot steps towards her, she felt his gaze on her and could tell he was right beside her. She felt his soft pat on her shoulders, Busola!! Busola! Please go into the room and sleep, you know how I dislike it when you sleep in the sitting room, what if someone walked in? She sat upright and yawned just after, am sorry dear, I must have slept off. Welcome, how was work? It was fine, he answered real quick and left for the room. It was clear her darling Samson saw the message, usually he planted a kiss and gave a tight homely hug every time he came back from work but instead he gave a cold response and scolded her for sleeping on the couch. Worried and confused of what to do next, s

Vote Nobi ! Entry 12 Ekaete You Cannot Text My Husband

At 7 pm, she heard Samson park his car in the garage. Her heart skipped a beat. She feigned sleep... But her mind was wide awake, it took Samson at least 5 minutes to get down from the car, but not that night. It was over 15 minutes and Samson had not come out. Busola stood up from her pretence to peep through the window to check if something was wrong. “What is he planning oh? this man! Ekaete must have sent a screenshot of the message, CHAI! These Whatsapp people sef--everytime update update and they are not making reasonable changes, why can’t there be a social media where someone will not screenshot message ehn! No privacy. Mstcheew. Should I go outside? Should i go back to the couch?” As she kept asking irrelevant questions, she heard a knock on the door. KpoKpoKpo...KpoKpoKpo. “Samson why are you knocking in your house now,” she said faking a smile as she opened the door. “You know I just made my hair and nails just the way you like them and you’re angry, I just wanted my


Ndidi As she walked through those rows occupied by "church people " whose eyes were glued to the energetic moving figure on the platform Ndidi wished she could forget the hurt like she forgot her bible at home. She felt so heavy, even a downpour could learn a thing or two Today of all days, she wished she was just a normal brethren with no responsibilities As an usher, smiles were never supposed to be erased from her face and being cordial was a way of life. Even when the bruises on her hands were screaming at her, even the pain reliever was ineffective. Her head was throbbing, her feet were shaking, her heart was angry. She hated this feeling, it was unfamiliar "Please can I get an envelope" a member asked "Yes, have it Ma" she politely replied. She felt like her heart had been hijacked because it seemed like blood had been replaced with a mixture of anger, pain, sadness and disappointment Now the worst was about to happen as the bubbly he

Angela's Entry 11 - Ekaete You Cannot Text My Husband

Angela Busola stared at the grand father's clock on the wall. She was nervous,...apprehension seemed to mock her but she knew that she has done the right thing -Sending that text to her husband and warning Ekaete off her husband . Now she began to ponder on where she had gone wrong to make her husband get distracted by a mere girl like Ekaete. She knew that she has been occupied by her numerous fasting and prayer programmes, but that was only because she believed that her faith was being tested especially since the event that almost took her life continued to plague her in her dreams. She couldn't not bear to think of what Samson's reaction would be but she was sure that God was with her. Down the lane, a small self-con stood by the side of the road, it's interior beautiful and attractive. Ekaete stood by the window pane giggling softly as she stared at her phone. Silly Busola she thought, did she think a text message was enough to keep her away from Samson?. She

The Interview

Anita sat in the reception room waiting. She looked at her wrist watch, it was 9am, she had been waiting for one hour. She didn’t mind though. This was her first interview in months and she would wait for as long as it took.  Ever since she was let go from her job five months ago. Finding another had been super hard. She had browsed the internet, read newspapers for vacancies, gone to every potential job hire. And all of them had led to nothing. After the second month she had rapidly sank into depression as her rent neared expiration, as her mother fell suddenly ill and as her little sister stayed home crying because she couldn’t afford to pay her school fees. When she finally got this job interview, it was all she could do not to throw cartwheels. Finally! She thought. Something good was happening to her. So on the morning of the interview she had taken great care with her makeup and her clothes. This was the first real thing she was getting in months and no way in hell was s

Rebulding Kaduna

Vote Choice Entry 10 Ekaete You Cannot Text My Husband

Vote Choice “Hi Honey, how is working going? I decided to go do my hair and nails today after my meeting with Claudia. I hope you will like the style I chose. You know I do them to look good for you. My dear, there is a matter I will like to bring to you attention that has been bothering me for a while now. It's your communication with Ekaete. I know you are very fond of her and always willing to help her. I want to believe that unknown to you an appropriate soul tie often developed without your knowledge. I am a woman and my instincts tell me you are on a wrong path. I know what I am talking about. I believe strongly that you need to wean yourself from that girl. Please darling, for the interest of our marriage could you cut all communication with her? Don’t call anymore. Don’t answer her phone calls. Don’t email her. Delete her email and phone contact. Please don't say my paranoia has resumed like you always say. I see danger ahead. Talk to you when you get home. Love Al

Vote Shallyola, Entry 9 Ekaete You Cannot Text My Husband

At 7pm, she heard Samson park his car in the garage. Her heart skipped a beat. She feigned sleep. “Who do you think you are deceiving,” she asked herself, “stand up and let’s get this over with” she encouraged herself. Then she murmured a word of prayer “Holy Spirit, please grant me wisdom in handling this matter before me”. She walks to the door and welcomes her husband “honey, welcome how was your day”. She then collects his suit and bag then heads for the room. Then she says behind her “the table is set dear, I’m coming”. Ekaete was at work when the message came in from Samson’s wife, she was too busy to pay attention at the moment so she decided she would check it later. After work, she read the text and was wondering what was going on in the woman’s head that had made her send such a straightforward message. She made up her mind however that she was going to call Samson later since the message said: “stop texting my husband”. Her husband sat at the table and he w

Oranges and Fathers

Oranges and Fathers She watches her father up on the makeshift stage in the market square. It was that time again, re-election. As the sitting governor, he didn't have much to worry about but he just couldn't help himself. The crowd's reaction was curious, they seemed to adore him. Her aunty Folake usually spat whenever his name was mentioned. "That shameless man," she called him. Her tray of oranges were heavy on her head as she stood in the seething crowd. She could feel their tension, their hunger, their envy and their pride. "I will rebuild this market, I will ensure 24 hours electricity so you don't have to worry when night falls, I will..." Her father went on and on, making promises he made before his first term. Promises he had failed to keep but the people didn't seem to mind, not with how loud their cheers were getting. Her mind wandered as she thought of all the promises he had made to her, to her mother, to her family. She di

Vote Jayne Entry 9 Ekaete, You Cannot Text My Husband

Vote Jayne She could not continue with the pretense anymore.   It’s not working; she thought to herself. She quickly got up and went to the living room. She welcomed him with a smile like nothing had happened. Hi baby, how was your day?   She asked with a sorrowful smile, not sure what his reaction would be. How dare you send me such a senseless message, he lashed out in an elevated voice.                                              BUSOLA I’m so……. Samson rudely interrupted And you’re going through my phone now?   Busola stood there motionless and speechless with a million thought going through her head. She could not believe how their love story had quickly gone sour. They were the love birds everyone talked about in church.   She opened her mouth to talk but couldn’t find her voice. You know what, I shouldn’t have this conversation with you right now.   Samsom gnashed out as he walks away not minding the tears rolling down Busola’s cheek at this po

Vote Ginika Entry 5 Baba Isheri Has Gone Deaf

Vote Ginika I was going through the phone Bolaji got me and that was when I saw it. I saw the headline first, it reads thus: “I am surrounded by family yet I feel so alone.” I just knew I had to read it but it was saying something foreign at the same time familiar. The author called his predicament ‘depression’. I had the same symptoms but I’m an African, an African man to be exact. We don’t suffer depression. I am not mad. Madness does not run in my family. It’s been months since it started. At first, I just wanted to be left alone. I would walk round the village whistling nonchalantly and not caring what I looked like. I had been wearing the same dansiki and Sokoto for the past three days, Bimpe, my wife of 8 years has tried talking me out of the clothes but I refused. I know she feels ignored, I feel it in her long stares and her heavy silence. She believes I don’t love her anymore but that is so far from the truth. I wish I could tell her but she would never understand. Dep


Samson walked into the living room with the fear of confronting his beloved wife about the message she sent, he knows how she can be when she is unusually upset. He stood still immediately he saw her asleep, he wondered how he would be able to calm the situation! Samson walked to the bedroom and while changing his clothes saw his wife walk in also, she looked so stressed and tired! But feeling really guilty, he acted as though he hasn't seen the text! Busola: Honey welcome, when did u arrive?? Didn't notice u walk in? (she said as she yawned falsely) Samson: Err I didn't want to wake you up! How was your day?? Busola walking towards the bed answered "fine, just that it was boring here! How was work?? Work was fine, at least today was something else" he answered with uncertainty. He kept wondering how to bring up the topic, and Busola being the soft calm woman she was, didn't mention it too. Your food is ready! I made you pounded yam and vegetabl

Vote Esther Entry 7 Ekaete You Cannot Text My Husband

The living room door squeaks as Samson opens the door, with his keys jingling as he throws them on the coffee table. His shuffling feet sound grew louder as he approaches the Bedroom, Busola! He called out, startling her from her fake sleep...didn't you hear me come in?! He blurted out somewhat irritably... Busola, attempts a yawn and a stretch amidst an inaudible response.. What are you saying?! Samson yelled.. I am saying welcome dear, she responded.. Ahan...., what's with your attitude this night na... You must have had a long day o! Ehn, see how you are just talking to me.. anyway, how was your day? Busola continues, as she makes her way toward the kitchen to fix his dinner...I hope you are up for my treat this night...I made your favorite, Amala and Ewedu..she says. Samson's face is stone hard and isn't just having any of Busola's chit chatting. He totally ignores her as he washes his hands to start munching his favorite delicacy.. Initial S