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Issues of The Heart

Real Issues , Godly Counsel "I am presently engaged to a sister, my parents are against it, saying they don’t like her tribe, what should I do?" Issues Of The Heart By Pastor Julie Akhimien I am presently engaged to a sister, my parents are against it, saying they don’t like her tribe, what should I do? First, you should pray. Whatever is born of God, overcomes. If you are confident that God started the relationship, then you must be confident also that “He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it”. I know He’d give you victory. (Phil. 1:6, I John 5:4) Will God give me someone whose behavior I don’t like? “Every good and perfect gift comes from God…” (James 1:17). God’s gifts are not sorrowful rather, they bring blessings. So, God cannot give you a gift that will bring sorrow to you. However, you must careful to know that your will is subject to God’s will, listen to His voice rather than your feelings. He knows best, and wants the very best

Great Dates, Bad Mates, & Soulmates

Photo by Josh Willink from Pexe l By Segun and Dupe Aiyegbusi You are on the right path to finding “the one” when there is a mutual attraction between you on all three levels, (physically, emotionally spiritually). Your relationship is looking even better if you both already display a humble obedience to the authority figure in your lives.  The book of Song of Solomon is one of the more fascinating books on dating, marriage, and relationships I’ve ever read. For years, I had skipped past it as I read through the poetic sections of scripture because I thought I could never understand all the Hebrew poetry and illusive imagery. But then sometime early in 2009, I accidentally bumped into a verse in the book that forced me to do an immediate 180-degree turn. The verse is in the fourth chapter of the book where Solomon says to his bride, “Your two breasts are like two fawns, like twin fawns of a gazelle that browse among the lilies...” (v.5). I recall my first tho

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Word Warfare for Fruit of The Womb

Pastor Robert and Titilayo Akande and their twin-boys Pastor Robert his wife Titilayo were our Pastors in Winners Chapel Jos, Nigeria. When I heard there were having a set of twins after 16 years, I told myself I have to see two "angels" sent from God. I drove 10 hours to meet up with them. It was just so wonderful to see the smiles on their faces. God is so good. She revealed to me that she was steadfastly confessing scriptures  30 to 50 times in the morning and doing same in the evening. Phew! That was some work.  As I returned home "tireless confession" kept  ringing in my head. I remember Rev Kenneth Hagin of blessed memory had taught same years  ago.  Confession is faith’s way of expressing itself. Faith’s confession creates reality. "It is always possible to tell if a person is believing right by what he says. If his confession is wrong, his believing is wrong. If his believing is wrong, his thinking is wrong. If his thinking is wrong, it is

When Your Parents or The In-law Visit

By Femi Awodele The relationship of the husband and wife should supercede that of son and mother (as tough as that can be), the relationship of the nuclear family should super-cede the relationship with siblings, so when there is problem, there is a principle to work on. At the same time disrespect from your spouse to your parent is also a NO NO (you can define disrespect between each other). Extended family is a major part of an average African family, at engagement (or whatever it is called in your part of Africa) ceremonies family members on both side are introduced to each other. When couples have marital conflicts the elders in both families step up and douse whatever fire is brewing between the two “children”. This influence of the extended family also go beyond just resolving marital conflicts, the new wife automatically become a “property” of her husband’s family, hence she has to call a two year old in her husband’s extended family “uncle or aunty”, in some cases s