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Vote Doris- Entry 4 Ekaete You Cannot Text My Husband

While still on the bed feigning sleep, She waited for the door to open with either full force in anger or gently in love and remorse, but to her greatest surprise, 5 mins had passed, the door was still locked.. She shakingly got off the bed and peeped through their bedroom window down to where her husband was still trying to park his car properly.. She stood there watching as the car was being parked. In less than a minute, the door of their bedroom was opened, she turned her back, lo and behold, her husband standing right in front of her... She looked downstairs again and saw the clearly that it was her husband's staff that drove him home.. She had mixed feeling as she was not sure if she had expected a hug or a slap on her face (she was partly sure this wouldn't happen as her Samson was not the violent type)... Samson instead stared at her with so much disdain and then gave a grin, walked past her, dropped his bag, took his clothes off and dash into the bathroom. He sh

Vote Nnenna! Entry #4 Baba Isheri Has Gone Deaf

Vote Nnenna Click to read initial story Bimpe was in the market getting her hair plaited. Toke her friend of fifteen years and best braider in town, had assigned her other customers to her assistants so as to concentrate on her.  “Today is my wedding anniversary but I doubt he remembers,” Bimpe lamented. “Happy anniversary Ore mi! I actually bought you that set of combs I promised you. Let is serve as your anniversary gift.” Toke whipped out the packet from under her stool. “Thank you!” Bimpe cried and hugged it to herself, beaming. “You are a wonderful friend.” “Now cheer up. I’m sure Baba is planning a surprise.” Bimpe snorted. “Surprise ke? I am the one who will surprise him. Since Aunty Yemi has refused to speak to him about his behavior, I will stop complaining.” “What did she say?” “She said a happy marriage is the union between a deaf man and a blind woman.” “Can you imagine? What sort of talk is that?” “Mtsheww…Since he is deaf to my cries for his attention, I have

Entry 3: Ekaete You Cannot Text My Husband

Busola always had her suspicions about the kind of information that were constantly leaving and entering her husband's phone.  She trusted her husband but the text alerts were becoming very unbecoming. She resolved to unraveling the mystery. For the first time in months, Samson left his phone in the dining. She sneaked with the phone into their laundry room and what she saw made her boil with anger. She sobbed. Tears rolled down Busola's cheeks  as she read one particular message . Samson:  Eka babe I am sure you are on your way. Have a great time. Send me pictures of your trip Take care of U 4 me Ekaete:  Sorry I didn't phone you back. The trip has been soooo busy! I'll call you today. Not sure how early I can call XOXO Thoughts raced through her mind . Could they be having an affair? Do they really share hugs and kisses? Take care of you for me?? Really? Am I making a mountain out of a molehill? He has a pet name for her? Oh My God, am I dreaming? Does she share expl

Vote Iren Entry #3 Baba Sheri Has Gone Deaf

"I have a lot to say. For now never forget a deaf husband and a blind wife are always a happy couple - because they can overlook each other's faults"  Those words swam through her mind ever since Aunty had left. Even while she was currently sitting outside their house in the cold evening breeze, with an empty plate by her leg, her mind replayed what she had said. While her mind was occupied with those nagging words, she was beginning to wonder when her beloved husband was going to return from where he had gone to with his friends. "How long will I continue to accept this new lifestyle that my husband has brought into this home? Where will I run to or how will I run away from such heartache?" Bimpe questioned herself and shook her head again with a grimace. Bimpe looked around the compound and realized that night was drawing near and Baba was not yet home. She was beginning to buy the idea of leaving this part of her life for Baba and those who made her

Vote Fon Peter - Entry #2 Baba Isheri Has Gone Deaf

Vote Fon She walked out, with me sitting there and wondering what that even meant, a deaf husband and a blind wife? Why did aunty Yemi always say the weirdest things, I wondered, even though I knew that was probably why I always came to her. I sat there for a few moments, thinking about what she said. “Oh My God, Baba Isheri has gone Deaf’” I said it out loud to myself, ‘My love had gone deaf…deaf to me’ I started crying as I realized he really wasn’t hearing me, or hearing my cries, no one was, Baba, my love, had gone deaf. But I wasn’t blind, I’d never been, I couldn’t be, I couldn’t not see all the great things we had, we could have, and more. ‘Nawa o” why is life like this, so what was I to do now? A plate fell as I got up to clean up, the sound of it got me very angry ‘Haba” I was acting like all those weak women out there, I’ve never been like that, I’m a fighter oh, I thought to myself “that’s one of the things Baba loved about me’ that was why he chose me, I refused to set

Vote Tolu- Entry #2 -Ekaete, you cannot text my husband

Vote Tolu Samson was in a meeting when he got Busola's message. He was shocked. He wondered how she got to know he was talking to Ekaette.  "Ekaette... " The thought of Ekaette made him smile with the corner of his lips. Yes! He had been talking to her for almost two years and he would admit that he had grown quite fond of her but there was nothing more to their relationship. He was a Christian and wouldn't think of having an affair. For the rest of the day, he thought about how he would explain to Busola that there was nothing going on. But how would he explain the endearing words he used for Ekaette? They had become so close that he had gotten so comfortable with her and it felt a bit inappropriate just calling her by her name. They talked about everything and anything, things he wouldn't dare tell his wife, Busola. Click to read initial story He knew his wife was very submissive but yet very firm and wouldn't take light of this issue. That wa