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Vote Choice Entry 10 Ekaete You Cannot Text My Husband

Vote Choice “Hi Honey, how is working going? I decided to go do my hair and nails today after my meeting with Claudia. I hope you will like the style I chose. You know I do them to look good for you. My dear, there is a matter I will like to bring to you attention that has been bothering me for a while now. It's your communication with Ekaete. I know you are very fond of her and always willing to help her. I want to believe that unknown to you an appropriate soul tie often developed without your knowledge. I am a woman and my instincts tell me you are on a wrong path. I know what I am talking about. I believe strongly that you need to wean yourself from that girl. Please darling, for the interest of our marriage could you cut all communication with her? Don’t call anymore. Don’t answer her phone calls. Don’t email her. Delete her email and phone contact. Please don't say my paranoia has resumed like you always say. I see danger ahead. Talk to you when you get home. Love Al

Vote Shallyola, Entry 9 Ekaete You Cannot Text My Husband

At 7pm, she heard Samson park his car in the garage. Her heart skipped a beat. She feigned sleep. “Who do you think you are deceiving,” she asked herself, “stand up and let’s get this over with” she encouraged herself. Then she murmured a word of prayer “Holy Spirit, please grant me wisdom in handling this matter before me”. She walks to the door and welcomes her husband “honey, welcome how was your day”. She then collects his suit and bag then heads for the room. Then she says behind her “the table is set dear, I’m coming”. Ekaete was at work when the message came in from Samson’s wife, she was too busy to pay attention at the moment so she decided she would check it later. After work, she read the text and was wondering what was going on in the woman’s head that had made her send such a straightforward message. She made up her mind however that she was going to call Samson later since the message said: “stop texting my husband”. Her husband sat at the table and he w

Vote Jayne Entry 9 Ekaete, You Cannot Text My Husband

Vote Jayne She could not continue with the pretense anymore.   It’s not working; she thought to herself. She quickly got up and went to the living room. She welcomed him with a smile like nothing had happened. Hi baby, how was your day?   She asked with a sorrowful smile, not sure what his reaction would be. How dare you send me such a senseless message, he lashed out in an elevated voice.                                              BUSOLA I’m so……. Samson rudely interrupted And you’re going through my phone now?   Busola stood there motionless and speechless with a million thought going through her head. She could not believe how their love story had quickly gone sour. They were the love birds everyone talked about in church.   She opened her mouth to talk but couldn’t find her voice. You know what, I shouldn’t have this conversation with you right now.   Samsom gnashed out as he walks away not minding the tears rolling down Busola’s cheek at this po

Vote Ginika Entry 5 Baba Isheri Has Gone Deaf

Vote Ginika I was going through the phone Bolaji got me and that was when I saw it. I saw the headline first, it reads thus: “I am surrounded by family yet I feel so alone.” I just knew I had to read it but it was saying something foreign at the same time familiar. The author called his predicament ‘depression’. I had the same symptoms but I’m an African, an African man to be exact. We don’t suffer depression. I am not mad. Madness does not run in my family. It’s been months since it started. At first, I just wanted to be left alone. I would walk round the village whistling nonchalantly and not caring what I looked like. I had been wearing the same dansiki and Sokoto for the past three days, Bimpe, my wife of 8 years has tried talking me out of the clothes but I refused. I know she feels ignored, I feel it in her long stares and her heavy silence. She believes I don’t love her anymore but that is so far from the truth. I wish I could tell her but she would never understand. Dep


Samson walked into the living room with the fear of confronting his beloved wife about the message she sent, he knows how she can be when she is unusually upset. He stood still immediately he saw her asleep, he wondered how he would be able to calm the situation! Samson walked to the bedroom and while changing his clothes saw his wife walk in also, she looked so stressed and tired! But feeling really guilty, he acted as though he hasn't seen the text! Busola: Honey welcome, when did u arrive?? Didn't notice u walk in? (she said as she yawned falsely) Samson: Err I didn't want to wake you up! How was your day?? Busola walking towards the bed answered "fine, just that it was boring here! How was work?? Work was fine, at least today was something else" he answered with uncertainty. He kept wondering how to bring up the topic, and Busola being the soft calm woman she was, didn't mention it too. Your food is ready! I made you pounded yam and vegetabl

Vote Esther Entry 7 Ekaete You Cannot Text My Husband

The living room door squeaks as Samson opens the door, with his keys jingling as he throws them on the coffee table. His shuffling feet sound grew louder as he approaches the Bedroom, Busola! He called out, startling her from her fake sleep...didn't you hear me come in?! He blurted out somewhat irritably... Busola, attempts a yawn and a stretch amidst an inaudible response.. What are you saying?! Samson yelled.. I am saying welcome dear, she responded.. Ahan...., what's with your attitude this night na... You must have had a long day o! Ehn, see how you are just talking to me.. anyway, how was your day? Busola continues, as she makes her way toward the kitchen to fix his dinner...I hope you are up for my treat this night...I made your favorite, Amala and Ewedu..she says. Samson's face is stone hard and isn't just having any of Busola's chit chatting. He totally ignores her as he washes his hands to start munching his favorite delicacy.. Initial S

Vote Eddy Entry 6 Ekaete You Cannot Text My Husband

Vote Eddy Initial Story It was sunset; the breeze flowed past all the trees in their house almost immediately. The large living room felt like a space in her closet. She paced the length and breadth of the room with different thoughts occupying her mind. Taking in three deep breaths, she sat on the cushion while putting her hands on her chin. The sound of a car horn she heard sounded familiar. Her heart raced as she headed for the door. Honey, I… she stammered while attempting to force words out of her mouth. He entered their room while she tagged along, ruminating on what exactly she was going to say. Honey, you’re welcome… Actually, I have been… Shut the door! His rather stern voice replied. His face lacked any definite expressions. She couldn’t tell whether he was tired or pissed off, whether he was angry or whether he was just being emotional “There is a way that seems right in the eyes of men, but therein leads to destruction” Busola voiced out, while trying to appea

Vote Somkeneolisa- Entry #5 Ekaete You Cannot Text My Husband

Vote Somkeneolisa   Trees lined the entrance to the house owned by one Ibekwe Samson. Not this home alone but every residential quarter in Maximiser Estate was lined with tall masquerade trees that while they gave no shade, lent an air of dignity to the entire estate. The effect was commented on by nearly every occupant of these residences and fellow prospective buyers before documents and currency confirmed new rentals. And they all agreed; it was queer and it was beautiful.  Read Initial Story This factor was a tremendous weight on the positive inclinations of buyers and more importantly, their wives who could imagine children traipsing about their beautiful lawns and presenting awe-inspiring living conditions to visiting friends and family members. This, Samson was forced to confront as Busola, his wife fell unashamedly in love with this home; the third on a comprehensive list he had compiled and shown her before proceeding to visit with her as well. These trees now Bus

Vote Doris- Entry 4 Ekaete You Cannot Text My Husband

While still on the bed feigning sleep, She waited for the door to open with either full force in anger or gently in love and remorse, but to her greatest surprise, 5 mins had passed, the door was still locked.. She shakingly got off the bed and peeped through their bedroom window down to where her husband was still trying to park his car properly.. She stood there watching as the car was being parked. In less than a minute, the door of their bedroom was opened, she turned her back, lo and behold, her husband standing right in front of her... She looked downstairs again and saw the clearly that it was her husband's staff that drove him home.. She had mixed feeling as she was not sure if she had expected a hug or a slap on her face (she was partly sure this wouldn't happen as her Samson was not the violent type)... Samson instead stared at her with so much disdain and then gave a grin, walked past her, dropped his bag, took his clothes off and dash into the bathroom. He sh

Vote Nnenna! Entry #4 Baba Isheri Has Gone Deaf

Vote Nnenna Click to read initial story Bimpe was in the market getting her hair plaited. Toke her friend of fifteen years and best braider in town, had assigned her other customers to her assistants so as to concentrate on her.  “Today is my wedding anniversary but I doubt he remembers,” Bimpe lamented. “Happy anniversary Ore mi! I actually bought you that set of combs I promised you. Let is serve as your anniversary gift.” Toke whipped out the packet from under her stool. “Thank you!” Bimpe cried and hugged it to herself, beaming. “You are a wonderful friend.” “Now cheer up. I’m sure Baba is planning a surprise.” Bimpe snorted. “Surprise ke? I am the one who will surprise him. Since Aunty Yemi has refused to speak to him about his behavior, I will stop complaining.” “What did she say?” “She said a happy marriage is the union between a deaf man and a blind woman.” “Can you imagine? What sort of talk is that?” “Mtsheww…Since he is deaf to my cries for his attention, I have

Entry 3: Ekaete You Cannot Text My Husband

Busola always had her suspicions about the kind of information that were constantly leaving and entering her husband's phone.  She trusted her husband but the text alerts were becoming very unbecoming. She resolved to unraveling the mystery. For the first time in months, Samson left his phone in the dining. She sneaked with the phone into their laundry room and what she saw made her boil with anger. She sobbed. Tears rolled down Busola's cheeks  as she read one particular message . Samson:  Eka babe I am sure you are on your way. Have a great time. Send me pictures of your trip Take care of U 4 me Ekaete:  Sorry I didn't phone you back. The trip has been soooo busy! I'll call you today. Not sure how early I can call XOXO Thoughts raced through her mind . Could they be having an affair? Do they really share hugs and kisses? Take care of you for me?? Really? Am I making a mountain out of a molehill? He has a pet name for her? Oh My God, am I dreaming? Does she share expl