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Samuel Uyoyooghene Okposo Takes A Bow

Sammie with his daughter.  It was 1970, and the late Deaconess Helen Okposo was heavy with child.  It turned out to  be a turbulent pregnancy.  There were doubts that the child would be born alive. During that period, many prominent prophets and apostles told her she was “carrying a world.”  It was prophesied that the child would be famous and proclaim the gospel worldwide. She never forgot the prophecy; whenever Sammie experienced any storm in life, she would remind him that the devil had lost the battle over his life.  She always said: “the devil has been wrestling and contending for Sammie's destiny right from when I carried him in my womb, but we have the victory through Christ our Lord.”  Flint Benefit Concert She always prayed that his gifts would announce him to the world and that he would become a valuable instrument in the hands of God. Samuel grew up in a strict God-fearing home where the standards were all about Jesus. They would wake up in the morning, read the Bible an

The Meteoric Rise of A Passionate Warri Boy: The Sammie Okposo Story

Sammie with his son Fejiro Do you know that the biggest stars live the shortest lives? Stars are born, live, and die. This process is called the "life cycle of a star". Most of the time a star shines, it is in a stage of its life cycle called the main sequence. How long it stays in the main sequence phase depends on how much mass the star has. Very big stars have a lot of mass to use as nuclear fuel to make it glow. However, they use that fuel at a very big rate. So, even though they are big, they live the shortest lives. On the 30th of May 1971, there was celebration at the Okposos'. All roads led to Point Road, Apapa-Lagos, Nigeria. The labor had been tough as the umblical cord was wrapped twice around Baby Sammie's neck. To the glory of God, he was born hale and hearty. From that time, Sammie became his Mom's favorite and she was his prayer warrior. Her baby boy defied all odds right from the womb. Samuel, whose name means “heard of God,” was dedicated to God b

Straight Out of Ajegunle: The Emergence of Sammie Okposo

It was a tense evening at the Okposo family house in Warri. News had reached Pa Warre Okposo that Sammie had finally left for Lagos to pursue a career in music. Mama Sammie could only pray for God to cause her precious son's dreams to fruition. Sammie knew he had a gift that needed expression. While ministering at his local church Gospel Church of Christ, he always hung out at Church of God Mission, Ejiyere Street Warri. Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor was the lead pastor at that time. The  Church's Milk and Honey Choir was the best choir in town, and Sammie made alliances with the musicians there.  For 10 years, Sammie cultivated his craft. He felt he had developed the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to succeed in music. He also mastered networking and building the right relationships with people in the field that could open doors to new opportunities. Innocent And Sammie- a very close ally Buoyed with all he had learned, he prayed and took the risk to leave home. He

Vote Doris- Entry 4 Ekaete You Cannot Text My Husband

While still on the bed feigning sleep, She waited for the door to open with either full force in anger or gently in love and remorse, but to her greatest surprise, 5 mins had passed, the door was still locked.. She shakingly got off the bed and peeped through their bedroom window down to where her husband was still trying to park his car properly.. She stood there watching as the car was being parked. In less than a minute, the door of their bedroom was opened, she turned her back, lo and behold, her husband standing right in front of her... She looked downstairs again and saw the clearly that it was her husband's staff that drove him home.. She had mixed feeling as she was not sure if she had expected a hug or a slap on her face (she was partly sure this wouldn't happen as her Samson was not the violent type)... Samson instead stared at her with so much disdain and then gave a grin, walked past her, dropped his bag, took his clothes off and dash into the bathroom. He sh