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Photo by Jackson David from Pexels I have always loved them tall, dark and handsome, giving me every tender loving care (TLC) I deserve per time. I can't just get enough of the "handsomes", but have I not had enough fair share of these all? Tope and I started dating six months ago. He's my kind of guy, cute, tall, dark and handsome. We met in church but does he have the christian values? I found out three months into dating him, but I wanted it to be so right. He was in the choir unit while I was an usher. He had all of the female attention that there was always one new girl that needs mentorship after service. He's a minstrel but behind this covering, only God knows best Anyways, my guy was the popular guy in church every girl wanted to date. You know such positions comes with its disadvantages but Tope did not manage it well. He was so enveloped in these attention from ladies that he began comparing me with these girls. My dressing wasn't enough fo

A Strange Land

Bukola checked her lingerie one more time, it was almost time for her husband’s nightly video calls and she wanted to look her best for him. At exactly 9pm, her phone started ringing, she eagerly picked the call and waited for it to connect. In a few seconds she saw her husband’s smiling face “ Olowo ri mi, oko mi, my love, how are you ?  I’ve missed you so much. How was your day ? H ope you were not too stressed ? Femi laughed at her onslaught of questions,  “I fe mii slow down, how can I answer all your questions if I can’ t even get a word in?   A nd can I say, you a r e looking ravishing tonight. Is that a new nightie ?  I haven’t seen it before She blushed at his compliment and nodded, she had a mission that night and she needed him to be in a good mood.  At 35  and having already given birth to one child , Bukola knew she was still a good looking woman, she took care of her body well and always looked her best. She looked at least ten years younger than her actual ag


“I am hungry,” Ola stuck her little finger in her ear and twisted it till she felt sweet relief. It was a childhood habit that had survived her mother’s protests, criticism and even spankings. Besides, it was better than thumb-sucking and in her opinion, everyone needed comfort once in a while. “I said I am hungry,” she repeated. The recipient of her complaint was lying on her couch shirtless, focused on the game he was playing on his phone with the same intensity that Football stars employed to earn millions. In his case, his focus earned him nada, nothing, zero. He was the love of her life, boyfriend of three years, frequent prayer point and ‘promiser’ of marriage. In addition, he was consumer of her food, non-rent-paying live-in-lover and an expert dispenser of the silent treatment. Ola was frustrated. “Babes, do you have cash? I want to buy noodles.” He didn’t even look up. “If I talk now, you’ll say I am nagging. You won’t help me in the shop, you won’t lift a finger at hom

Suicide ? No, Hold On To Hope

Free me, don't hold unto me Be you, you have potentials they need to see. I know you hurt badly But what happens to family When you take a way your last breath? Who will smile at you when you're wrecked?< br /> I am suicide but I don't want you. The word suicide has become a thing that has populated the minds of youths and a few adults in Nigeria. Years ago, the report of suicide was low and it was barely even recorded. It is noted that the recent happenings of the society has taken its toll on the psychological part of a youth's mind. From having poor grades in the University to parents who most times talk down their children, thinking that it is the right way to train a child. An African parent, has been known to train a child in wrong ways such as using bad words or insults to pass a message in the name of cautioning. Most African parents have no idea how most of their emotionally sensitive words does to their kids whole growing up and even whi

She Did The Best She Could

Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels “I thought you were dead”. This proclamation brought the much desired silence at the table. “The only reason I came back was because I thought you were dead”, her son clarified. She had wanted silence, but not this kind, because now she could hear thoughts she had successfully buried for years—and these were not righteous thoughts! She’d given her days to ministry, and had helped bring hope to countless families. All that time away from home eventually began to tell on her family. She blamed herself sometimes—a preacher’s kid. Married to a preacher. She would have known better! But she did do her best. Even though it seemed like it, she did not intentionally abandon her children while catering to the needs of other families. And she did come back home to be with them—you’d think that would count for something! So when this son had left home in his college days and promised not to return home until his parents were dead, they had put it down


Photo by 祝 鹤槐 from Pexels I sat there, with his blood on my hands, frozen in horror, I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was another human being’s blood on my own hands, his eyes stared back at me, accusing me of what I believed to be the ultimate crime. All I could think of was taking a knife and cutting off my own hands, if your arms made you sin, cut them off, right? I had been sitting there, crying, for about 2 hours, until the tears could come no more, the sobs had wrecked my body till I felt like a shell of myself and I knew I had to get up and move, but the guilt wouldn’t let me, I felt I, I was definitely condemned after this. I knew the police would take me in, but I had a bit of paralegal knowledge, and I knew I wouldn’t go to jail, it was self-defense, it was really a mistake, I had to push him off of me, I had to fight back, I didn’t keep my virginity for 27 years to sit there without fighting when it was going to be taken away from me forcefully, it was simply s

Will You Ignore Warning Signs?

Photo by Leah Kelley from Pexels "Hello ma'am! I am Dave. I was blessed by your ministration today." Dave said to Martha, his fiancee in his usual joking manner. "Thank you sir, all glory to God. " She replied in the same manner. Dave and Martha had been an item in their church for four months now. Dave was the youth leader while Martha was one of the lead singers in the choir. Dave noticed Martha on one Sunday when she took his favourite song at the moment, the way she took the song touched his heart. He asked few people about her and they confirmed she was an active member of the choir even though she was new. The second time he saw her was during a workers' meeting. She was gorgeously dressed and she looked absolutely beautiful. That day after the meeting, he approached her and showed his interest in being her friend. She said it was OK and they became friends. Martha joined the church about three months earlier. She just moved to the town where th