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The Maestro, Sammie Okposo: 1971-2022

Sammie Okposo

At the end of an orchestra performance, if the audience stops clapping once the conductor leaves, he won’t return onstage. If they keep clapping, he returns for a few more bows and then leaves again.

If the audience is still clapping after that, he will come back yet again. Basically, he will keep coming back onstage for as long as the audience keeps clapping. And the number of times he returns is supposed to indicate how much the audience appreciated the performance.

It is beginning to dawn on me that our Maestro, Sammie Sparko has left the scene.

It is now apparent to us how hard Sammie Okposo has worked for the past thirty years. 

STAR NG (a gospel music magazine) dubbed Samuel Uyoyooghene Okposo “The King of African Gospel.”

Lights for Sammie, The Experience 2022

Sammie was not billed to perform at the Experience, but in death, he received a touching honor when all attendees put on their lights in memory of him.

Sammie dropped for this generation a body of work that will be studied in business schools and music schools for a long time to come. 

The Senior Pastor of House on the Rock Church, Pastor Paul Adefarasin, said, “And I like you to stand with me for one minute as we observe a moment of silence for a legend in gospel music who passed away about a week ago. I speak of a man who graced this platform many times over the last 17 years but who has traversed the span of life and has entered the golden gates of glory…none other than Minister Sammie Okposo of blessed memory.”

The news of the demise of this Gospel music icon has unified many people from around the world. All over the world, musicians that have been blessed by the work and influence of Sammie D Maestro have been holding memorials in his honor.

 Albert Pike once said: "What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal."  Sammie's musical craftmanship and work ethic will be emulated across the globe.

Sammie dropped a body of work for this generation that will be studied in business and music schools for a long time. 

Sammie with Deji - his keyboardist

In 2022, the internet was agog with a story that worried me. I reached out to my brother and had a burning desire to ask a few questions:

How did you get into music?
How do you hope to be remembered?
How do you think people will remember you?
Whose biggest fan are you?
What do you want the epitaph on your tombstone to be?
Do you have any regrets?
What do you think happens after death?
What place does religion have in your life?
What do you imagine heaven to be like?

He gave some answers.

We talked about repentance and how to get on with life. One thing was certain this worshipper knew how to get on his knees.

One profound statement he made was thus:  "People want me to remain in a dark room. How long does it take for God to forgive a man? I have a ministry and will keep lifting His praise. I left clubbing and gigs many years ago. My motto now is “God over everything. "

Sammie's close family were his band members. He is known for leading the popular Afro-contemporary urban gospel ensemble of over thirty-five talented vocal enthusiasts and musicians known as D’ X Generation. The band transitioned from X- generation band to Team Sammie Okposo.

Sammie and Team SO

He recently created an academy called Sammie Okposo Academy (March 2022) with the aim of mentoring and training singers and musicians. The trainees would have the opportunity to do events and ministrations with him. Sammie poured himself into many vessels. I know his music will remain in this generation.

Our dead are never dead to us until we have forgotten them. - George Eliot

Team SO

Have you contemplated your succession plan?
Leaving the stage can be a difficult transition, but it’s important to ensure a smooth succession. Mentoring the person replacing you can be an effective way to ensure the job is done right and to help foster a sense of continuity.

Succession planning is an essential consideration for professional musicians. With the uncertainty of a music career, it is important for musicians to be proactive in their approach to retirement. This can involve building up a diverse portfolio of income sources and planning ahead financially.

One option is to consider leveraging the existing music skills to teach and mentor younger generations. This role can be taken on as a part-time gig or as the foundation of a music school. Not only does this provide financial security, it also has the benefit of keeping the music alive through generations.

Another option is to look at publishing and sales of sheet music. By creating versions of popular songs and selling them, musicians can gain financial stability. Furthermore, by licensing recordings and compositions, musicians can create royalty flows for themselves.

In addition to financial considerations, musicians should consider leaving a lasting legacy in the music industry. This can involve creating new works, recording and releasing them, or partnering with charitable organizations that may benefit from one's talents and experience.

No matter which option is chosen, careful planning and diversification of income sources is key. By planning ahead and diversifying the sources of revenue, musicians can ensure a secure financial future while also impacting the music industry.

Dr Uvoh Onoriobe
Editor, Real Relationships Magazine
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Author of Emptied Cup. The book is a collection of inspiring stories of God’s faithfulness in the mission field.
Uvoh is a member of Christian Union Uniben alumni in the United States . He serves as Director of Healing Hands Health Society a faith-based organization with the commission of spreading Christ’s love through medical care to all people around the world.

He has worked as a General Dentist/ Missionary for over twenty years offering dental services across various communities around the African continent and around the world. 
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"Night of Worship" recorded in honor of Sammie's memory and the gift that he was to
the Body of Christ. December 9th, 2022, at 6:30pm EST Jesus House DC

The boy that stuck to his purpose could not be ignored at one of  Nigeria’s biggest gospel music events - Experience 2022. 


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