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Last year, I was led to do a short study of the Book of Joel. As we pass through this pivotal season in this year 2020, it has dawned on me how the broad themes of this Old Testament prophecy lines up with what I perceive to be God's intent and prophetic calendar, in this season.

In the first chapter we see God's people suffering a locust army invasion, which came about because they became complacent and dropped the ball, with regard to living by the Covenant in operation at the time. And the prophet was sent to warn them, to wake them up, and to stir up the people of God toward repentance.
Most notable is that this locust army invasion did bring about severe negative economic fallout. And like what is happening now, what the Prophet asked them in Joel 1:2-3 was if anything like it happened in their days, or in the days of their fathers.
Moving on to chapter 2, it was time to sanctify a fast and call forth a solemn assembly. And as the prophet preached on, he got to a point where the utterance of the Lord came in first person thus:

Joel 2:11–13 (NASB95):
11 The Lord utters His voice before His army;
Surely His camp is very great,
For strong is he who carries out His word.
The day of the Lord is indeed great and very awesome,
And who can endure it?
12 “Yet even now,” declares the Lord,
“Return to Me with all your heart,
And with fasting, weeping and mourning;
13 And rend your heart and not your garments.”

I do believe that these are the same words being echoed to the Body of Christ today by the Spirit of the Lord.

Those in the middle of God's purposes shall always outlast the shaking, because they are part of a kingdom that cannot be shaken.

And for those who will heed this call, revival is about to burst forth, as laid out in the latter part of Joel Chapter 2. We see Redemptive promises released, which culminates in what we all now know as "The Promise of Pentecost", cited by Peter the Apostle in Acts 2, in the midst of the very first outpouring of the Spirit.
Those who respond to the call of God in this season should expect to see and taste of another outpouring in the coming months.

Following this, as laid out in Chapter 3 will be a time of reckoning, judgement and recompense, to be visited on the nations. We shall see multitudes trapped in the valley of Jehoshaphat(which means "Yahweh is judge"). There will be a time for vindication of the saints and faithful followers of the Lord, and a terrible time for the nations, especially those who are dead-set against the Lord God and against His Christ.

Behold another window is opened on earth, for the gospel to be thrust forth, and a massive scale of soul harvest to be brought into the Kingdom. It will be a manifestation of victory and vindication for those who have persevered in the purposes of the Lord.
But for now, we all must come and cry before the altar; for repentance must precede revival, the sacrifice of self must be made for the purposes of God, and we must embrace the cross in this hour, in order to access the gains of this now-season of aggressive expansion of the Kingdom.
Those in the middle of God's purposes shall always outlast the shaking, because they are part of a kingdom that cannot be shaken.


Lover of God, lover of Scripture, Husband, Father, brother, writer.
I have a burning passion in seeing Christians progress in these things:

1. Living in accordance with the dictates of the word of God, the scriptures (The Holy bible)
2. Throwing off every vestige of religious formalism and false piety.
3. Embracing an intimate walk with the Holy Spirit.

My writing and blogging is a contribution to a push for revival and an end-time summons for the Body of Christ to awaken to her destiny, in making "a people prepared" for the coming of the Lord Jesus.
I am an Oil&Gas Field Ops and HSE Specialist, based in Okotoks, Alberta, Canada.

Hugs and Blessings!