Bro Ovo Okpubuluku
Let's not allow the signs of the times distract us from walking in the wisdom required of the times.

Of all the signs of the times we see, there's only one happening in which the Lord is actively involved. And that's where we ought to focus on. What's that thing? The preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom to all nations.

Saints, that ought to be our focus!

Not the famines and earthquakes.
Not the wars and rumors of wars.(Including the facts and theories that we are or are unable to substantiate; not the things which are true or the mere conspiracy theories).
Not the plagues and pestilences.
Not even the rise of false prophets.
Not the rise of iniquity or the love of many waxing cold.
Not the offenses and betrayals that will go on within the walls of the Church institutions and communities.

These are but beginning of birth pains, which will become more intense and more frequent in times to come. If therefore we faint of fear now, what will we do when the stage is set?

If we fail to implement what Jesus taught us in Matthew 25, we end up in fear of the things He described in Matthew 24.

Our focus is to walk with the Lord and keep carrying out our mandate: Our Commission to preach the gospel and disciple nations! That's God's business for us right here and now.

We shall hear of wars and rumors of wars...and there shall be facts and conspiracy theories here and there.

But we should not be frightened or distracted or deceived.

If we fail to implement what Jesus taught us in Matthew 25, we end up in fear of the things He described in Matthew 24.

I just realized afresh yesterday afternoon that Jesus didn't stop talking, from when He began His End-time discourse at the beginning of Matthew Chapter 24, until the end of Matthew Chapter 25.

Contained in those two chapters in detail are both the signs of the times, as well as what we the saints are to focus on in these times. That doesn't come as a real surprise that Matthew was an eyewitness to this sermon by Jesus. Mark and Luke gathered the facts from eyewitness accounts.

Therefore, I believe that we base our understanding of the Last Days from Jesus words first, drawing from Matthew's Gospel, and filling up the picture with Mark and Luke accounts.

It is pertinent to note that Jesus began by warning us all, "See to it that no one misleads you".

That means that the parables of the 10 virgins, the talents and the teaching about the sheep and goat nations all point to laid out wisdom strategy for the times. Yes. These parables show the wisdom strategy for Kingdom insiders to navigate these times, as they focus on the promotion of the gospel of the Kingdom.

We should endeavor to be counted amongst the wise and fill up our lamps.

We should also endeavor to put to use the gifts and talents that God has given us, and ensure we are productive in harnessing the creative value of what He has bestowed on us.

And we should be sure to remain in alignment with the least of the Lord's brothers. It all points to His coming, and how He will judge the nation's and the peoples.

The wise ones indeed have built their houses on the rock of Jesus's teachings.

It's all there.

And we have no reason whatsoever to be misled or afraid or even confused.

Let's keep our focus on Jesus, and endeavor not to be misled by anyone. And I mean: ANY-ONE!

Let's keep the main thing the main thing!

Eschatology is not primarily about the coming of the Antichrist; it's always about the coming of Christ.

It's an exciting and adventurous prospect for the lovers of God; but it is a fearful thing for those who are not faithful to His gospel.

This season is a gift to us all to ensure that we are fully ready for what is to come.


Lover of God, lover of Scripture, Husband, Father, brother, writer.
I have a burning passion in seeing Christians progress in these things:

1. Living in accordance with the dictates of the word of God, the scriptures (The Holy bible)
2. Throwing off every vestige of religious formalism and false piety.
3. Embracing an intimate walk with the Holy Spirit.

My writing and blogging is a contribution to a push for revival and an end-time summons for the Body of Christ to awaken to her destiny, in making "a people prepared" for the coming of the Lord Jesus.
I am an Oil&Gas Field Ops and HSE Specialist, based in Okotoks, Alberta, Canada.

Hugs and Blessings!



  1. God bless you Bro Ovo, my wonderful keyboardist and evangelist.
    Indeed, the hullabaloo of the last days can sufficiently crowd everyone's heart including believers. That is why Christ admonished us ahead of time on what to focus our minds on at such a time as this.
    Apostle Paul also counseled Timothy in 2Tim.3:1 to add the knowledge about Perilous Times to what he already knows because hard times will surely come.

    Hence, as believers, we must not be perturbed or carried away. We must stay on the assignment and do the work of an evangelist.


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