Dr Mena's Diary -Wisdom and Faith come from God

Somo had just been admitted for three days with complaints of high grade fever, catarrh and joint aches of three days duration. 

He was a 22year old undergraduate studying chemical engineering at a prestigious University. Somo initially sought help from the local medicines vendor around his school hostel when his illness began. With worsening of his symptoms, he had informed his parents who came to pick him up for proper treatment at a hospital.

Dr Mena
He was being managed for malaria following plasmodium parasitemia in his blood film for malaria parasite.

Four days into admission, he had developed a terrible sorethroat, bloody urine, torrential bleeding from his nostrils and his clinicians entertained a possible diagnosis of Lassa Fever, one of the viral haemorrhagic fevers. He was kept in a special ward and samples were collected and sent to the Laboratory for confirmation. Necessary preventive measures were put in place for staff and relatives who had come in contact with him to mitigate spread and treatment commenced for Somo. 

Relatives were counselled on the possibility of Lassa Fever.

..."La what? Ah!! Mogbe! My enemies are at work, they want to take away my only son and leave me with only three girls. They want my generation to be wiped out eternally", his mother had lamented. I need to call my pastor, this cannot be happening, frantically looking for her mobile phone. 
Em, madam, you need to calm down and cooperate with us until we establish an exact diagnosis. we would be restricting your son's number of visitors. Dr. Jim had explained to her the reasons why.

At about 2pm, their pastor (nicknamed daddy GO) in response to the distress call of Somo's mum comes in, requesting to go in to pray for the patient.

Man of God please kindly say your prayers outside, you can't see our patient at this time, he is in a critical condition and he needs to be stable before anyone can be allowed in, the head nurse Chizzy had politely informed Daddy GO.

He tried to cajole the nurse for a few minutes to allow him in. When she didn't give in, he barged into the patient's room and begins to blast in tongues and prayers. Suddenly our ill patient begins to convulse and vomit blood, while the nurse and doctors dashed in with their Personal protective equipment (PPEs) on, like armed soldiers for war.

 Daddy GO was seen putting his bare hands into the patient's mouth trying to stop the convulsions and prevent his teeth from closing, while casting out the demon afflicting Somo. According to world people, if teeth close person don die oh. Oh my God! What do you think you are you doing pastor? One of the doctors had questioned and quickly took him to a vacant room nearby. Pastor please you need to remain in this office, till we're done resuscitating Somo, we will attend to you afterwards. Daddy GO knelt down on the floor and continued his prayers in the side room. After a while, our efforts at resuscitation failed and our patient went to be with his maker. All the staff who had come in contact with the patient were quarantined with monitoring for symptoms when the results came back positive for Lassa fever.

Pastor was counselled on the need for quarantine and monitoring which he declined. He was told to present to the hospital should he notice any fever, sorethroat but Pastor's response was "God forbid", "He that is in me is greater than all the afflictions from my enemies," " it is not my portion". All attempt to make Daddy GO see reasons with the health team, their fears for him and the way forward were unsuccessful.

A week later, Somo's mum had presented to the hospital as instructed when she developed fever and catarrh. She was admitted with a high possibility of Lassa fever which was confirmed and Ribavirin promptly commenced. She was recovering fast as her vital signs were becoming stable in the ensuing days, and no bleeding has been observed so far. Luckily, her three daughters were away at school in America so she had been home alone with no visitors allowed, even though she was bereaved. Even though she had lost her only son, she was grateful to God at another chance to be alive for her daughters when she spoke with them on phone that morning.

The emergency response team soon got busy again as another bleeding patient arrived the emergency room. Argh! Daddy GO it's you, nurse Chizzy had quickly recognized Pastor. Doctor!, nurse!! help me, I'm dying, he had cried out with a weak voice at the emergency unit. Daddy GO violated all the health counsel he was given and only presented two weeks later when he couldn't make urine because his kidneys had shut down, he was bleeding from his nostrils and mouth
He was quickly admitted into the special ward created for the outbreak and treatment commenced immediately knowing his history of contact with Somo.

You know what happens to the proverbial stubborn fly? Pastor's kidneys never recovered, he had gone into shock subsequently and he didn't spend 48hours at the ward before he joined his maker untimely.

If only he listened to the voice of wisdom, if only he understood that nobody hates him by restricting him from going into that room, if only he was wise enough to know that God would still answer his prayers without him having contact with Somo. If only he knew God was speaking to him through nurse Chizzy! If only he presented early. Just maybe!.

**Not real names**

Well dearly beloved, it is no longer news that there's an epidemic of Lassa fever in our country, please BE WISE, take precaution when visiting the Hospital to pray, stay safe, you need to stay alive to pray for others.

Our loving God is
omnipresent and he hears us from wherever we pray. Listen to the advice of your health care Practitioners as you pray along.

Our Nurses love you when they say "children who are not ill are not allowed into the ward", "please you cannot see that patient right now", c'mon patients' information is confidential so they can't disclose to you exactly why. Just comply with us in the spirit of love.

Wash your hands regularly with soap and water, cover all your foods and foodstuffs to prevent rats from contaminating them, present early to the hospital when you are ill, it just might be your saving grace.

Finally, this too shall pass! May God help our nation to overcome this health crisis soon.

Bio: Dr. Onotume Okemena Esther, popularly called Dr. Mena by her friends.
Obtained her primary medical degree MBBS degree from University of Port Harcourt in 2010.  Currently a senior registrar in Paediatrics. In her spare time she writes mainly to educate the populace on health issues.©Dr. Mena.

Email : menafinbar@yahoo.com


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    Once again, thank you Dr Mena for sharing this piece with us.

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