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Nigeria's Preparation for COVID -19

Fear is the reaction to information or lack of it. It’s not the information by itself. Attitudes are more important than facts. The same information can bring hope and inspiration or produce fear. Fear or hope is our interpretation of the information we have. This interpretation goes beyond the message to include the messenger, the prevailing circumstances, the options available to us and our perception of ourselves. Even though our reactions appear spontaneously, it’s still an inborn, subconscious but logical and rational response. Logical in accordance with our reality. Many people get paralyzed when confronted with challenges others get invigorated. This is either nature or nurture but can be cultivated. Preparing for the worse case scenario is not being pessimistic but actually it’s being optimistic!  The main challenge facing governments the world over concerning the COVID 19 pandemic is very basic. The virus is virulently easy to transmit and community transmission ca