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Can the state of your cookware potentially put your health at risk?

The answer to the above question is fundamental to healthy culinary and this is why: Most of the cookware we use in recent times is made of different types of metals and these metals are reactive and would readily react to any element it comes In contact with especially water.

Some of these reactive metals are:
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Cast iron and
  • Stainless steel
Amongst these metals some are more reactive than others; nevertheless, the bottom line is consistent they all react and leach in to foods cooked in them. Unfortunately, nothing can be done to eliminate this situation because that is the nature of these metals. Having said, we can at least try to minimize the levels of the leaching by maintaining and using the cookware properly.

Tips to maintain and use cookware properly:

Discard worn-out cookware: worn-out cookware is that cookware you have used for a long period of time. Remember, the older the cookware the more the leaching takes place. This is why you have to discard old cookware and replace with new cookware that is the only sure way to keep your cookware fairly new and free from massively leaching into the foods you cook in it, especially if it’s made from aluminum! 

Avoid scraping the inner of your pot: scraping the inner of your pot causes the metal to open up, which encourages more leaching into the food cooked in the pot; rather use subtle ways to get rid of the soot. For example, you can use 2tablespoos of baking soda, water, and dishwashing liquid mix. Pour the mixture into the pot, place pot on heat and allow to simmer for a couple of minutes (5miutes), take off boil and allow to cool off completely and then wash the pot with a normal sponge, not a metal or coarse sponge. If the soot does not come off repeat the process because it usually does work… 

Avoid using a metal spoon while frying stew: using a metal spoon generates the same if not worse damage to the pot as scraping the pot while washing it. The friction while stirring the stew is as same as scraping the inner of your pot. Use a wooden spoon instead. A wooden spoon is a much better option because the friction between wood and metal is less coercive than metal to metal. Invest In wooden spoons made from culinary safe wood such as acacia, bamboo, etc.
Avoid leaving food in the pot for long period of time: whenever you are done with cooking and serving, ensure the food cools off, and then package and keep refrigerated. Leaving food in the pot is also encouraging the metal to leach in to the food. If you don’t have a refrigerator cook only what you can consume at a go… 

Incorporate more raw foods recipes in your diet routine: The more the raw foods recipes the less the foods come in contact with these reactive metals.

Cooking in reactive metals is only one of the many ways we come in contact with toxins, also known as free radicals. Free radicals are toxic byproducts of oxygen metabolism that can cause significant damage to living cells and tissue in a process called “oxidative stress” It will do our health great good if we paid attention to minimizing the effect of free radicals by practicing some simple detox tips as stated below.

Simple detox tips!

Ensure to breakout a sweat often: this can be achieved through exercise or using a sauna. If you can’t afford to exercise due to reasons beyond your control you can do either sauna or simply wear warm clothing in a hot room and that should help you sweat it out…sweating does help take out toxins through the skin pores.

Endeavor to drink warm water with the juice of lemon: first thing in the morning enjoy a drink of warm water with the juice of lemon. A medium lemon with 18 ounces of water should suffice. This remedy serves as a cleanser and potent antioxidant which effectively minimizes the effect of free radicals on the body.

Load up on raw foods: Eating vegetable salads more than once a day helps detoxify the body naturally. Including the likes of parsley and coriander will help bind the heavy metals that are eventually pushed out of the body system through urination, fesses and sweat.

We all have a responsibility to make wise and informed choices as regards our health. These tips are your ally to a healthy lifestyle so generously incorporate them in your daily routine!

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