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Can the state of your cookware potentially put your health at risk?

The answer to the above question is fundamental to healthy culinary and this is why: Most of the cookware we use in recent times is made of different types of metals and these metals are reactive and would readily react to any element it comes In contact with especially water. Some of these reactive metals are: Aluminum Copper Cast iron and Stainless steel Amongst these metals some are more reactive than others; nevertheless, the bottom line is consistent they all react and leach in to foods cooked in them. Unfortunately, nothing can be done to eliminate this situation because that is the nature of these metals. Having said, we can at least try to minimize the levels of the leaching by maintaining and using the cookware properly. Tips to maintain and use cookware properly: Discard worn-out cookware: worn-out cookware is that cookware you have used for a long period of time. Remember, the older the cookware the more the leaching takes place. This is why you hav