Vote Shallyola, Entry 9 Ekaete You Cannot Text My Husband

At 7pm, she heard Samson park his car in the garage. Her heart skipped a beat. She feigned sleep.

“Who do you think you are deceiving,” she asked herself, “stand up and let’s get this over with” she encouraged herself.

Then she murmured a word of prayer “Holy Spirit, please grant me wisdom in handling this matter before me”.

She walks to the door and welcomes her husband “honey, welcome how was your day”. She then collects his suit and bag then heads for the room. Then she says behind her “the table is set dear, I’m coming”.

Ekaete was at work when the message came in from Samson’s wife, she was too busy to pay attention at the moment so she decided she would check it later.

After work, she read the text and was wondering what was going on in the woman’s head that had made her send such a straightforward message. She made up her mind however that she was going to call Samson later since the message said: “stop texting my husband”.

Her husband sat at the table and he was wondering:

“I thought this woman was angry at me? I hope she has not poisoned the food?.…” he then waits for her to get back.

Busola opens the food and the aroma of the food that greets him, makes him regret why he has broken this woman’s heart. The one he loved and chose among all others to be his wife. The pounded yam and vegetable soup were smiling at him and he couldn’t help but think that this was his last supper.

She kept praying in her heart “Lord! Wisdom!” She dished out the food for her husband and herself and sat down next to him since she had not eaten herself. Her husband kept looking at her, hoping she would eat first. When the first bolus had passed through her mouth, only then did he start eating. She saw his reluctance to eat but she was not sure why, many things, however, were going on in her head. “Was I wrong?” she asked herself but again assured herself she would find out soon.

They were both silents through the meal, and when they were done she took the plates in with the intention that she would wash them later after they had settled the matter at hand.

When she got back she saw her husband on his knees “baby, I’m sorry. You deserve better, you deserve my undivided attention, you deserve my trust and I’m sorry I broke it, I should have told you earlier, I should have” he said as if reaffirming to himself, but I didn’t and I’m sorry”. She just stood there; she was not sure what she was expecting but this definitely was not it.

Then she asked “Why? have I not been caring enough? I’m not as beautiful as you married me? Do you want me to work on something?, do you want me to improve on something?, did I get fat? Or is it because I have not given you kids? Tell me! I will work on it and for the part of kids God will answer us in good time”.

Then her husband replied “it’s not you, it’s me, I got careless, and I fell into a trap. It was first harmless messages but then gradually it went on and on, I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, I didn’t know how to stop it and that is why it has gotten to this point.

“Oh! So it’s my feelings you can hurt at will right? She asked between tears”

Her husband replied immediately feeling misunderstood “I didn’t mean it like that. That’s not what I’m saying. You mean the world to me and I’m sorry I hurt you. I’m really sorry he said again ensuring she heard as well as understood how sorry he was.

She then goes down beside her husband hugs him and tells him, “You don’t have to go through situations like this alone. The devil is willing to steal every careless moment and make a mountain out of a molehill. We are married and every relationship we each have is now our relationship, no secret relationships”.

They agreed that they would both share whatever experiences they have to go through and be open-minded about their various relationships. They prayed together, hugged and her husband kissed her deeply.

Busola said rather jokingly “God forbid that we see something similar to this again” in the Yoruba language. However, she meant every single word she said, knowing deep within her that she would not be this forgiving next time if something similar to this happened.

She stood up and was going to the kitchen to finally wash those plates when her husband asked behind her “how did you find out?”.

She looked at him with suspicion understanding her to look he blurted out “I’m just curious!” she then narrated the story to him and then he asked in surprise “you sent Ekaete a message? What was the content?” he asked. Then she replied almost as if she was reliving the emotion “Ekaete! You CANNOT text my husband!”

There was a pause at the moment, her husband really did not believe she sent that and she felt stupid for having sent that. Both of them busted into laughter haven suppressed it for a bit. She felt stupid now that she thought about it. She went on to wash her plates while her husband went into the room.

When she was done she went into the room. Samson was on the left side of the bed sorting out some documents he had brought back from work, while she got on the right side of the bed and continued reading a book she had been reading titled “ the power of focus for women” written by Fran and Les Hewitt. They were both engrossed in what they were doing hence the silence in their room. The silence, however, was broken by a call on Samson’s phone.

The phone rang, Samson froze and looked at his wife, his wife was too engrossed to notice, then he stared at his phone again, the caller was Ekaete.


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