Vote Jayne Entry 9 Ekaete, You Cannot Text My Husband

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She could not continue with the pretense anymore. 
It’s not working; she thought to herself.
She quickly got up and went to the living room. She welcomed him with a smile like nothing had happened.
Hi baby, how was your day?  She asked with a sorrowful smile, not sure what his reaction would be.
How dare you send me such a senseless message, he lashed out in an elevated voice.
I’m so…….
Samson rudely interrupted
And you’re going through my phone now? 
Busola stood there motionless and speechless with a million thought going through her head. She could not believe how their love story had quickly gone sour. They were the love birds everyone talked about in church. 
She opened her mouth to talk but couldn’t find her voice.
You know what, I shouldn’t have this conversation with you right now.
 Samsom gnashed out as he walks away not minding the tears rolling down Busola’s cheek at this point.
She knows who to go to
Where she always goes to in times of need.
 She knows a threefold cord is not easily broken ( Ecc 4 vs 12) as she laid down flat on her face talking to her Father who understands more than she can say. She begins to speak in mysteries  (1 Corin 14 vs 2) with a trembling voice filled with fear and hurt.
 The loud ring of her phone brought her out of the spiritual realm as she quickly concludes the prayer and hurriedly grabs the phone. 
It’s her mum.
Hello mum
Busola bawo ni?
Mummy, I am fine.
Have you been crying again? What happened this time?
Mummy, I only asked about a text I saw on his phone and he yelled and walked out on me.
I have always told you   Busola, this is not your job. Checking his phone and monitoring his calls is the job of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will call him to order when he is going astray. All you need to do is to keep praying and caring for your husband's spiritual, emotional, physical and sexual needs.
 Mummy …… but I need to know who calls him every day.
Have you forgotten why you married Samson? Can you remember the reason you gave me for choosing to spend the rest of your life with him? 
Yes, I do. He was sold out to God.
Was? mummy asked with a surprised look
Well……… Busola muttered.
Busola when was the last time you made a decent meal for your husband?
(A long silence on both ends.)
Even his favorite meal?  Her mum continued.
He stopped by last week to ask for his favorite meal. What is going on? You need to have first kept your home and your man in order before fighting against infidelity.
But Mummy, you know I am busy. I come back late from work every day. But that is not enough reason for him to cheat! He knows what the Bible says about adultery (Heb 13 vs 4) “ The marriage bed should be undefiled” 
Go and make a good meal for him and I will call you back later.
But mum………

Mummy hangs up the phone.
Busola walks into the kitchen. The phone call with her mum had not helped with the piercing pain she feels in her heart right now. 
She grabs a few vegetables and begins to dice aggressively when Samson comes into the kitchen, opens the fridge and helps himself with a chilled drink.
His phone rings (we hear a Don Meon song, He never sleeps, He never slumbers. He  never tires of hearing your prayers)

Samson: Ekababy, how are you? Are you there yet? He responds as he walks out of the kitchen door to the living room, he grabs his car keys from the shelf and hurriedly zooms off.
No way! This is not happening. Busola exclaimed in shock! She could not believe her eyes and ears. Is he really cheating? What have I done?  have I really chased him into Ekaette myself? Have I neglected him?  she packs up the vegetables and immediately went back to prayer.  
I know you can hear me Lord and You will bring my husband back to me. Even when I caused my mess or I am unfaithful, You remain faithful and will always go before me and level up mountains for me. Isaiah 45 vs 2
Samson drove into the hotel where Ekaette was waiting.  
Hey babe, how are you? Have you booked yet?
Not yet. 
Have I told you I miss those sumptuous meals you make? 
Awwww, Ekaette blushed
Samson reached for his wallet to bring out his card and notices a gold neck chain with a heart-shaped pendant   Busola had gotten him on their first wedding anniversary. Samson did not notice when Busola slipped it into his pocket after the previous heated argument. 
Excuse me, please where is your restroom? He asked.
That way sir, the receptionist pointed. 
Samson hurriedly dashed into the gents.

Jayne Nwachukwu. A wife and a mother of two amazing princesses.
An Educator by day and a writer by night.
A God is everything kinda girl!


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