Vote Eddy Entry 6 Ekaete You Cannot Text My Husband

Vote Eddy
Initial Story
It was sunset; the breeze flowed past all the trees in their house almost immediately.
The large living room felt like a space in her closet.
She paced the length and breadth of the room with different thoughts occupying her mind.
Taking in three deep breaths, she sat on the cushion while putting her hands on her chin.

The sound of a car horn she heard sounded familiar.
Her heart raced as she headed for the door.

Honey, I… she stammered while attempting to force words out of her mouth.
He entered their room while she tagged along, ruminating on what exactly she was going to say.

Honey, you’re welcome… Actually, I have been…

Shut the door! His rather stern voice replied.

His face lacked any definite expressions. She couldn’t tell whether he was tired or pissed off, whether he was angry or whether he was just being emotional

“There is a way that seems right in the eyes of men, but therein leads to destruction”
Busola voiced out, while trying to appear brave.
He seemed to be confused and unaware; the wrinkles that formed on his forehead as she spoke was an indicator.

And what has that passage gotten to do with me? Samson asked

Didn’t he see the message? Or was he just pretending to have no idea? She thought to herself.

Alright! Let’s stop beating about the bush, she said as she decided to confront him openly

What is your relationship with my cousin Ekaete?

What do you mean by my relationship? Is she no longer your cousin?

Oh don’t give me that! What were you thinking? That you will hide forever or what… Even Adam and Eve could not hide, so who do you think you are? I have been…

Busola Coker!

Her hands dropped from her waist in surprise. It was the first time he had called her by her maiden name since they got married.

Sa…m…so…n… Has it gone this far? , have you already decided to divorce me? She replied him. Sadness could be detected in her tone.
All these years, I have been faithful to you. Do you think it was that easy for me? Or you think that marriage shut down all my feelings?
There were days when other men came my way, I liked some of them but because this marriage needed to work, I put them all aside.
I put them aside Samson, I did.
When the money refused to come as I wanted, I chose to wait for you, and to be by your side…
And this is what I get in return?

He picked his car keys as he hissed, walked out and slammed the door on her.

He is not even ashamed? I am sure he is going to meet her now.

It was already five o’ clock in the evening, she lay on her bed as she thought of the next step she was going to take.

Mummy, I don’t understand my husband these days. This is not how we started mum, everything has gone hay wire.
You won’t believe that we haven’t spoken in a week, and I have done my best mum, sincerely speaking.
I have even confronted him openly about this matter, but he just walked out on me.

Hmmmm! Mrs. Coker replied as she sighed.
Busola, There is a way that seems right in the sight of men but therein leads to destruction.

I have told him that mum. That was the first thing I told him the day all these began, immediately the word dropped in my mind, I told him at once, she replied while folding her arms.

Busola, I said there is a way that seems right in the sight of men but therein leads to destruction, and I’m talking to you. Are you sure that word wasn’t meant for you?
It is written “Take off the log in your eyes, before you take off the wood in someone else’s eye.

It is also written in the same bible
“If you see your neighbour’s sheep going astray, and you refuse to help it, you’re subject to condemnation” Busola replied

“He that thinks he stands let him stand well, lest he falls”

“He that finds a wife finds a good thing” I’m a good thing mum

That will only work when you remain a wife, and not just a woman married to a man. Her mum replied.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.
Busola, lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge him, and he shall direct your path”

I won’t say much more than that. If you’ve been doing things on your perception, do them differently now.
Something even tells me, you’ve not given your husband a chance to explain anything to you. Allow the comforter to lead you into all the truth, lest you by any means, you regret all the actions you have taken so far.

Busola pondered on the words she had just heard. Was she really going too far?
She knelt down to pray before going to bed that night.

It was another Saturday morning. She felt lighter and happier. Things seemed to be the same as they had been the past few days.
Her husband wasn’t at home again, he probably disappeared to avoid seeing her face, she thought.
I’ll just wait till he comes back, she said to herself while working.

It was about 4pm in the evening, and her husband wasn’t yet at home. Whatever the matter was, she was determined to resolve it. She suddenly fell asleep in the living room while waiting, that she didn’t notice when her husband entered the house.

She opened her eyes suddenly. I’ve been sleeping too much these days, I hope all is well with me, she said as she sat up.

“I hope so too” she heard a rather feminine voice reply her

She raised her face up as she turned to the angle where the voice was coming from.

Her facial expressions changed, she looked like someone who just beheld a ghost. She had decided to be courageous irrespective of what her husband was going to do or say, but she found her courage escaping her soul as she gazed in awe.

Her heart beat could be heard from a distance; she was sweating profusely and trying to hold back the tears that already welled up in her eyes.

What are you doing here? Busola asked as she looked at Ekaete who was sitting opposite her.

Easy girl, you’ll find out soon, or I think you should ask your husband if you’re that eager to know. Ekaete replied.

While they were talking, Samson walked in dressed up in a red shirt and a pair of white trousers. He was holding a box in his hand. It was a small box, but could contain a few clothes.

Busola turned to him; she stood up very slowly, while fixing her gaze on the box. She raised her eyelids and looked at his eyes.
He responded with a smile.

So you can still smile Samson? You can still smile after all these…
“Busola, lean not on your own understanding” her mother’s words resounded in her ears before she completed her sentence.

Well, today is a good day for us; I wouldn’t want your tears to ruin it. Samson said as he handed her a face towel.

Are you done Samson? Ekaete asked him

I’m not sure, he replied as he placed the box on the table to open it.

You should check then, Ekaete replied.

Busola had decided to be quiet, while she sobbed. What next Lord? What next?
“Trust in the Lord with all your heart” she remembered again.

I’m tired of this Lord, she thought in her heart. She had become absent minded.

He opened the box wide and screamed suddenly.

She jolted on her seat, wondering what the matter was…

She turned to him; suddenly her eyes caught the box. She placed her hand on her mouth as she stood up again.
She was lost for words. The tears she had been controlling poured like water onto her cheeks. She sat down again, covered her face and cried like a baby.

Happy birthday my love, Samson echoed.
Happy birthday Ima mi, Ekaete joined.

He walked to where she was sitting, raised her by the hand and handed her a bag that was inside the box.
She gave him a few kind punches on his shoulders while embracing him.

“I have not forgiven you yet, why did you do this to me, why, what…

Busola Samson, he called out to her. “If you want an explanation, ask for it dear, you got everything from me, my name, and my heart, so what is an explanation that I cannot give you”

“Give me your phone” she requested
He handed the phone to her… She read out the message she saw the first day she began suspecting him

Samson; Eka babe, I am sure you are on your way. Have a great time. Send me pictures of your trip. Take care of you for me.

Ekaete; Sorry, I didn’t phone you back. The trip has been soooo busy. I’ll call you today. Not sure how early I’ll call.

It dawned on her that they must have been planning her birthday; a birthday she had forgotten about.
She hugged him again as she shed tears of mixed feelings.

“I’m sorry you had to go through these weeks like this. I couldn’t even bear to see you sad, so I had to leave very early and come back that late. I couldn’t give an explanation either, you understand why.
The day I found you, I found a wife, and indeed I found a good thing. Thank you for coming into my life, I love you, you know. When I said I do, I meant it, and I’ll forever do”

“I’m sorry I didn’t trust you enough to listen to you, I’m just sorry for everything. I’ll be a better wife. I promise”

“And a better mother of course, Ekaete added, because it seems someone is already carrying someone else that will be making her sleep anyhow. What’s my business though?

Silly girl! Busola responded. Come here, she said as she hugged Ekaete. Thank you for everything.

“Are you thankful enough?” Ekaete asked

“Definitely, I am”

“Then let’s go do the real deal, my efforts must not be in vain”

The fallen leaves had littered the roads. They continued to talk and laugh as they drove into the thick of the evening.


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