Samson walked into the living room with the fear of confronting his beloved wife about the message she sent, he knows how she can be when she is unusually upset. He stood still immediately he saw her asleep, he wondered how he would be able to calm the situation!

Samson walked to the bedroom and while changing his clothes saw his wife walk in also, she looked so stressed and tired! But feeling really guilty, he acted as though he hasn't seen the text!

Busola: Honey welcome, when did u arrive?? Didn't notice u walk in? (she said as she yawned falsely)

Samson: Err I didn't want to wake you up! How was your day??

Busola walking towards the bed answered "fine, just that it was boring here! How was work??

Work was fine, at least today was something else" he answered with uncertainty. He kept wondering how to bring up the topic, and Busola being the soft calm woman she was, didn't mention it too.

Your food is ready! I made you pounded yam and vegetable just like you use to like it! She managed to add.

Oh no, am really not hungry! Samson answered with so much confidence!

Busola was scared to death, immediately he said that! Samson has never skipped dinner before, he always rushes home like a hungry lion ready to devour her meal! Always calls her the best cook, Now he doesn't suddenly want to eat!

Busola didn't ask why instead she broke into hot tears but didn't let him see them! She calmly left the room into the children's room and quietly knelt down and prayed to God.

"God of my fathers, the supreme king of kings! The comforter of the oppressed,

Oh God, my father! Come to my rescue! Do not remain silent, Do not turn deaf ear oh

Lord. With one mind your enemies have come together to plot against your children!

Father, they want to take possession of your pastured-lands oh God! Arise oh Lord

And fight this battle! I will not lose my husband Oh Lord, My husband will not lose

Me oh God" Thank You, Jesus! You have never failed me and my household! Thank

You father!!"

Busola kept on with the prayer! And since the noise from the television was loud, one could hardly know she was praying yet she was screaming!

Samson came out of the bathroom and couldn't find Busola, just as he was pondering on what to do, He received a text message from their spiritual adviser, Pastor Adebayo...

"How are you and your family??

Do have a great weekend ahead,

And don't forget to put all your trust in the Lord!!

Always put your family together because

Together, you can fight and win all battles"

The last two lines kept disturbing Samson, who later went to the dining and ate his wife's
delicious meal! He wondered where she was, and just then, she walked in from the children's room! He knew he had to say something! Because he kept on feeling guilty!

Baby, can I talk to you?? He finally spoke out!

Yes, you can! But first, I want to apologize for leaving the room in such a manner. Busola managed to say with so much joy in her heart!

Just as Samson was about speaking out, Ekaete's call came in! Busola saw who called but stood still to watch how it will unfold! She wondered why Ekaete was calling her husband!

Samson didn't know what to do! He thought for a while knowing fully well that his decision on the dining would determine his next action! He picked his call, increased the volume of the phone so a third party can hear,

Ekaete: Hello dear, good evening!

Samson: Good evening Ekaete!

Ekaete: I am not happy with u sweet, I need you to please talk to your wife, I don't like the message she sent me!

Samson: Why should I?? Ekaete, am really sorry for giving you the impression that I was okay with our behavior towards each other! Please, I don't want us to continue talking like that! I love my wife and children and I know it's so bad of me to want to give u that impression!

Ekaete: Ah! Why are u talking like this?? I never mentioned but I loved you, and I know you love me too!

Samson: please don't call this line again! I love my wife and No woman on earth can change that or take her place! Good day, Ekaete!!!

Busola could not help but thank God in her heart for this miracle! She closed her eyes and silently thank God for everything!

She knelt down and apologized to her husband for even thinking he could cause harm to the family they worked so hard to keep! Samson held her up and hugged her tightly and silently said

"Thank you for calling me to order! Thank you for being my wife! Thank you for constantly going to God for My sake! I love you"

Busola could not keep her tears from falling down her cheeks! She held him tighter and replied

"I love you too"!

Thank you!

By Dalene Daniel