Vote Choice Entry 10 Ekaete You Cannot Text My Husband

Vote Choice

“Hi Honey, how is working going? I decided to go do my hair and nails today after my meeting with Claudia. I hope you will like the style I chose. You know I do them to look good for you. My dear, there is a matter I will like to bring to you attention that has been bothering me for a while now. It's your communication with Ekaete. I know you are very fond of her and always willing to help her. I want to believe that unknown to you an appropriate soul tie often developed without your knowledge. I am a woman and my instincts tell me you are on a wrong path. I know what I am talking about. I believe strongly that you need to wean yourself from that girl. Please darling, for the interest of our marriage could you cut all communication with her? Don’t call anymore. Don’t answer her phone calls. Don’t email her. Delete her email and phone contact. Please don't say my paranoia has resumed like you always say. I see danger ahead. Talk to you when you get home.
Love Always, B.”

Samson read the message over and over again until he was sure it was tattooed to his mind then he dropped his phone and started pacing his office, walking back and forth, trying to gather his thoughts, he felt a lot of things, and anger was at the top right now. He has been a good husband to Busola, working hard to meet their needs and she dares accuse him of cheating? She then goes ahead to tell him what to do about it? Her instincts? can you imagine?... His conversations with Ekaete had grown a little more than they were meant to but he didn’t harbour any feelings towards her, he had never met her, never asked to see her, never kissed or done anything immoral with her, Busola was just being paranoid as usual, she always does this and wasn’t she the one that introduced him to Ekaete? Even when he didn’t want her in his home?

Why did she think she could accuse me of infidelity? What did she mean by ‘he could develop inappropriate soul ties without his knowledge, How did she even know about the texting, did she call Ekaete too?

“No no no no, she wouldn’t dare!” He bellowed and stopped his pacing long enough to reach for his phone and dial Ekaete’s number continuing his sideways march as the phone rang but she didn’t answer…

“Answer the phone Eka, please?” He said quietly, dialling her number again, she had to answer, he needed to…

“Love your wife…”

He stopped abruptly in his steps, he knew that voice, he couldn’t even pretend not to know that voice, but he wasn’t going to listen, not this time.
“Not this time o, did you see the way she was accusing me and disrespecting me in a text message! Telling me I’m on the wrong path and telling me who to talk to and who not to talk to, am I a baby?! Who does she think she is? God, tell her to submit to me first before I love her. Can you imagine the disrespect! Ahan!” Samson yelled, dismissing the voice.

He was well aware that he was shouting into thin air but he was too angry to care, and now with Eka suddenly not answering his calls, he was ready for battle. He slammed some unfinished documents and tablet into his bag and picked it up as he marched out of his office.

“Goodnight sir” His secretary shockingly said as he walked past her, she obviously heard him yell in the office, he didn’t even care, he just cast her a look and continued towards the garage to his car. He was going to go home and remind Bukola that he was a man, her husband, the head of the house and he would be treated as such!

This is the last time he was going to be disrespected by her, 6 years and two kids later, she still didn’t trust him and had the guts to accuse him?

He stared at his hands shaking as he put his key into ignition, he hadn’t been this angry in a while and somehow that made him more angry, but he knew he couldn’t drive just yet, he clasped his hands together and tried taking deep breaths in and out, in…

“Love your wife…”
There was that voice again. He breathed out… remembering the love exercise they went through during their annual couples’ counselling earlier this year
‘Love is patient
Love is Kind
Love is not jealous, proud or rude
Love is not selfish
Love is not easily angered and keeps no record of being wronged…

Love doesn’t rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins

Love never gives up, never loses faith

Love is always hopeful and endures through every circumstances…’
They had been made to memorize this, they were made to recite it everyday for months and given a framed image of the verse which hung in their room till this day…

He remembered the day they both decided on the place to hang it, just beside their bedroom door, he remembered what she had on, how she smelled, how she smiled, he remembered thinking he would love her forever…

Maybe he was wrong, he wouldn’t be happy if the tables were turned and Busola had a pen pal that was as close to her as Eka was to him without his knowledge…

But he also remembered he bad things too. He remembered how distant she got after the birth of their last child three years ago, how she made her business partner her life partner and spent every waking minute with her, he remembered her late nights when work was booming and how distant she got when she wasn’t making as much, he remembered every time she abandoned the kids for “mom vacations” and bringing different people into their house, nannies after nannies, maids after maids, cousins, family friends, aunties… the list was endless.

He sighed as he released his hands, she wasn’t a bad wife or mother, she tried her best to be present with him, she looked good for him, she planned monthly dates for the two of them every month, she is an amazing mother and a better cook, she is smart, wise and graceful… but that wasn’t the point right?

He knew the point was how good he was, how he got myself in the “wrong path” with “inappropriate soul ties”. He realized he was circling back to anger and decided to keep a slow check on his anger till he got home and had a conversation with Busola,
He started the car and zoomed out of the garage to his house.

At 7pm , she heard Samson park his car in the garage. Her heart skipped a beat. She feigned sleep…


  1. I like the concept of time. You looped back and left us right where we started.��
    You adhered to the theme, especially with the Christian centre very closely.
    Punctuation could have been better but it's always like that.
    Generally, one of my favorite submissions.


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