Vote Doris- Entry 4 Ekaete You Cannot Text My Husband

While still on the bed feigning sleep, She waited for the door to open with either full force in anger or gently in love and remorse, but to her greatest surprise, 5 mins had passed, the door was still locked.. She shakingly got off the bed and peeped through their bedroom window down to where her husband was still trying to park his car properly.. She stood there watching as the car was being parked. In less than a minute, the door of their bedroom was opened, she turned her back, lo and behold, her husband standing right in front of her...

She looked downstairs again and saw the clearly that it was her husband's staff that drove him home.. She had mixed feeling as she was not sure if she had expected a hug or a slap on her face (she was partly sure this wouldn't happen as her Samson was not the violent type)...

Samson instead stared at her with so much disdain and then gave a grin, walked past her, dropped his bag, took his clothes off and dash into the bathroom. He showered and laid on the bed without uttering a word.

Busola could not sleep all through the night as she imagined what the scenario would look like tomorrow. She finally dozed off at exactly 3:53am only to woken up by the sudden blare of her Samson's horn from his car.
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She jumped off the bed and almost slipped, she thought less of the injuries she would have sustained. Instead she ran with speed downstairs to his car and was lucky to find him still outside the car, she hurriedly gave him a tight hug and gave him a passionate kiss which Samson responded with all he had within him.. And then softly, he said he was deeply sorry. Teary Busola asked him why he looked at her with anger and disdain yesterday and even went to bed without saying a word to her..

He responded by saying, he didn't know how to manage the situation so as advised he was told to feign anger and not utter a word that would aggravate the whole situation as it was also a test to see if she would act other than the message she sent to him. Samson knew his wife meant what she said in the message she sent. He added also that he was sorry for getting overly carried away by Ekaete's care and love, but truthfully, he had not seen her physically. He thanked God for bringing her into his life.. He also promised to work on it but then, he needs her support which she agreed to.. They promised each other of an unending love.

Right there, he called Ekaete and ended the ties between them. He further called his service provider and they barred her line from reaching Samson ever again.. He almost did inform the service provider to block his line but Busola didn't buy the idea as she knew it was his major line.. She could sense Honesty in every word he uttered to her. They were happy it issue that looked so big was resolved so easily through communication and because two wrongs can never make a right. One has to make a move. Well, as a boss, he called the office and took that day off to spend time with his evergreen wife..

The End

UKWADINAMOR DORIS is an author, creative, strategic and a reformational writer and speaker whose goal in life is to consistently create a positive lasting impact anywhere and everywhere she finds herself.

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