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N20,000 Writing Challenge

Send a 1000-word writing sample to: editor@real
If accepted, you will be entered in this competition after sending a complete version of your initial entry. You will receive N5000.00 when your complete entry is published
Last day to submit is October 15th, 2019 - 11.59 pm
How do you write a good story?
A good story has certain characteristics. These include the following:
  1. Hook -The beginning of the story grabs the reader’s attention and inspires him/her to read on.
  2. Desire -The author creates a protagonist to be to achieve a goal.
  3. Conflict - The author creates need conflict that the protagonist must deal with before he/she can achieve his/her goal.
  4. Challenge and Obstacles - The protagonist must face obstacles and setbacks throughout the story before he/she can achieve the goal.
  5. Climax - The story must include a turning point. Usually, the protagonist confronts the antagonist in the story.
  6. Resolution. In the ending, the author must tie up loose ends and answer any unresolved questions.
Use spell check, typos and grammatical errors are a draw back.
Vote Fon
Vote Bolu
Vote Fancy
Vote Kay Kay
Vote Tolu
Vote Nnenna
To win N20,000.00, here is the real test.
Write a 1000-word sequel to either of these two stories in the links below.
Winner gets N20,000.00
To win, follow the blog, get the most comments, likes and reactions. Judges will using the following rubric:
  • Adherence to theme 
  • Uniqueness of concept 
  • Presentation 
  • Clarity of expression 
  • Grammatical 
  • Coordination Creativity
Baba Isheri Has Gone Deaf

Ekaete, You Cannot Text My Husband
Winners will be announced November 1 2019


  1. When is the deadline? And are we supposed to submit any kind of story first for the first assignment?.


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