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#RebuildingKaduna from the Ruins

A Nandu boy visiting his home now in ruins Recently, there has been an escalated rise in attacks by Fulani herders against predominantly Christian communities in the middle belt region and the attacks appear to be following a similar pattern where herders migrate into a region, increasing the frequency of disputes over crop damage, water pollution and in the absence of mutually accepted mediation, disagreements become increasingly violent. Tina Arewa and her surviving child There's a cause for alarm and a pathetic cry for help especially with the mayhem that visited Nandu village in Sanga, Kaduna. On the 16th of March, 2019 at 12 midnight, Fulani herdsmen invaded the village of Nandu, set thirty homes ablaze, charred their harvested crops, killed eight including children, one among the many stories is the heart wrenching one of the Arewa family who lost three children to the insurgency in a gruesome act of slitting their stomachs, their throats and setting them abl

Buy A Shirt and Support Our Rebuilding Kaduna Efforts

#rebuildingKaduna #justiceforAdaraelders The campaign to #rebuildkaduna is on. US, Canada, Nigeria , UK, France, Australia, Ukraine, and South Africa. Buy the Shirt, Take A Selfie and Let your voice be heard. #justiceforAdaraelders Help build houses for those affected by the Southern Kaduna crises and raise awareness for the locked up Adara elders. Go to With a 5,000 donation, you get this T-shirt and also be part of something great. All you have to do is buy a t-shirt, take a selfie and post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with the hashtags #rebuildingKaduna #justiceforAdaraelders

“I Do”

Anne and Thomas Graves “I DO” Do you think the same thing I do when you hear these two words together? Holy matrimony, right? “Until death do us part. “ When I said that to Anne almost 32 years ago...I meant it...and I still do. I DO!!! In good times, *and* in bad times... Many people who know us would say our “I do” yielded a great marriage. From my perspective, she’s the girl of my dreams...our marriage exceeds my greatest expectations! Anne is the love of my life, my best friend, and the person I run to when I need advice. And that is when a (far) more important “I do” saves love. The other “I do” is our answer to Jesus. When we are in trouble, we can call out to Him - like the two blind men who followed Jesus calling out But I also need to be honest. Even a “good” marriage has some awfully “hard times.” Even two people in love, who are committed to each other, can sometimes find themselves in trouble. We did. And that is when a (far) more impo