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Is Forgiveness Possible?

It was a hot, quiet, lazy Sunday afternoon. Many of the villagers were seated outside under the shade of the trees or shade provided by houses that had not been burnt during the attack. The renowned cool and pleasant weather the Jos-Plateau people were accustomed to was just a dream. The air was still and only the troublesome flies flew around like nothing had happened. The town had an eerie feeling to it; it was a ghost town. The air was still slightly hazy from several structures that were still smoking. Shattered louvers, burnt zinc roofing sheets, charred wood and pieces of iron and metal that had not been destroyed was all that remained of the once lively and bubbly community. The villagers looked discouraged and sad. Understandably so since loved ones had been rudely snatched away just weeks ago, the tears still ran and the wounds still raw and so painful. For years the Hausa-Fulani people had lived amicably with the inhabitants of the land; the Berom. For years they had gra

Village Square - Palaver 1

He slapped me! We got into an argument about his pastor and he slapped me. He could not stand the truth about the wrong atmosphere that he has found his spirit in. When he came to apologize, he said that his action was the only way he could get me to keep quiet on the issue. He promised it would never happen again. Look, I love him, but this promise was the same nonsense my friend’s husband gave but today she cannot hear with her left ear. I am willing to break this relationship because I do not want to be anyone’s punching bag. My best friend thinks I am being too rash, and that he may have truly changed. How do I know he has? Am I really too rash if I break up with him? I trust you will give me the right counsel.  Village Square In Session I. O opined: Everytime I try to excuse the act of a man hitting a woman, I always feel like I am making excuses for another Man hitting my own daughters. I therefore have zero tolerance for that type of behavior and my position is that

Overcoming Distractions

By Dr Uvoh Onoriobe Some years ago, I took stock of my life and frankly speaking I was not sure where I was heading. There was a feeling of emptiness inside of me. I was not satisfied with my state then and the future seemed bleak. I was moving but the destination was not sure. I was lost like Adam. In an attempt to locate myself, I stumbled across ministry materials by Dr Myles Munroe. He posed five questions that took me weeks to answer. Who am I? Where am I from? Why am I here? What do I have? Where am I going? I realized that fulfillment arose from living out God’s purpose for my life. I also realized that like many people, I had not discovered why God made me. Unconsciously, I had a personal vision statement - “I would just like to get through another day”. I had never asked what God wanted my life to be. I had never prayed that God would give me a burden or a calling, that He would use my life for a deeper purpose. I had a pinball approach to life. A pinball has no sense of di

You Will Not Fail!

Myth Surrounding Infertility In Nigeria

Women's Health Corner: Talk To Dr G In the traditional Nigerian society, there are a lot of myth surrounding infertility. In Christianity and traditionally, some believe that it is due to a curse or a sin related to the woman or her ancestral lineage. Infertility is a reproductive health challenge prevalent in Nigeria. Child bearing continues to be a vital aspect of human life as premium is given to child bearing in contemporary Nigerian society.  There is an unspoken belief  that a woman’s place can only be secured and confirmed when she has been able to give birth to a child. Despite our teeming population of 200 million, there is still a high unmet need for infertility in Nigeria. Any woman with an intact uterus can achieve pregnancy now. Last year, a 62 year old woman conceived with IVF and went on to deliver Infertility is defined as the inability of a couple to achieve pregnancy after one year of satisfactory unprotected sexual intercourse. I must state very