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Ekaete, You CANNOT Text My Husband !

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Busola always had her suspicions about the kind of information that were constantly leaving and entering her husband's phone. She trusted her husband but the text alerts were becoming very unbecoming.

She resolved to unraveling the mystery. For the first time in months, Samson left his phone in the dining. She sneaked with the phone into their laundry room and what she saw made her boil with anger. She sobbed.

Tears rolled down Busola's cheeks  as she read one particular message .

Samson: Eka babe
I am sure you are on your way.
Have a great time.
Send me pictures of your trip
Take care of U 4 me

Ekaete: Sorry I didn't phone you back.
The trip has been soooo busy!
I'll call you today.
Not sure how early I can call

Thoughts raced through her mind . Could they be having an affair? Do they really share hugs and kisses? Take care of you for me?? Really? Am I making a mountain out of a molehill? He has a pet name for her? Oh My God, am I dreaming? Does she share explicit photos of herself to Samson? Where is the fire of God when we need it? How do I address this mess? Should I confront Samson? Should I call Ekaete's parents? 

Ekaete, a family friends daughter spent one summer holiday in their home two years ago. She was a big auntie to their children. She had no clue that Samson was in touch with her. After reading through two years worth of text messages, she was consoled that that they had not met physically during the period. She concluded it was only a matter of time that this "loveflower" that both of them were innocently nurturing would be ready for "harvest". 

She determined that she would find a way to nip it in the bud. There is no way that this fruit will form she declared! Busola went straight for her prayer rain manual and pulled out some 
dangerous weapons:

  1. Father, in the name of Jesus, I bind the work of Satan from my marriage. The enemy would love nothing more than to destroy our marriage. I ask You to stop His work in our lives and destroy his attacks against my marriage (John 8:44; Genesis 3:11-13). I cancel ALL Satan's assignments over my marriage. 
  2. Lord, dissolve and render to nought every evil counsel fashioned against my home and marriage. I bind every spirit of Ahab, Jezebel, strife, and home wreckers, in the name of Jesus. 
  3. Every bad behavior that has become a habit and has opened the door for marriage breakers, get out of me, in Jesus Name. 
  4. O God, arise and declare war against my marriage breakers, in Jesus Name. 
  5. Every evil third party fueling invisible fire in my marriage, die with the fire, in Jesus Name. 
  6. Every wicked envious witchcraft, that has been the architect of problems in my marriage, die, in Jesus Name. 
  7. O Lord let every evil register of the wicked architect; catch fire, in Jesus Name. 
  8. Let every evil pattern drawn by wicked architect for my life and marriage die, in Jesus Name.
  9. Every wicked spirit in my lineage that is against successful marriage and happy home, die by fire, in Jesus Name.
  10. I destroy by fire the confidence of marriage breakers, in Jesus Name.
  11. I break and damage the weapons of marriage breakers, in Jesus Name.
  12. Foundational marriage breakers caging my marriage and fruitfulness, break by fire and let me go.
  13. Every marriage breaker that is circulating my name for evil, die by fire, in Jesus Name.
  14. Every seasonal dark figure that comes to cause problem and calamity in my marriage, die by fire.
  15. Every strange woman that is after my marriage for destruction, die by fire, in Jesus Name.
  16. Wicked strongman on assignment to put an end to my marriage, die with your work, in Jesus Name...
  17. Strongman behind the marriage break up of some women by pushing them into extra-marital affairs, I am not your candidate, die, in Jesus Name
  18. I release Holy Ghost bomb into any witchcraft coven deliberating on my marriage, in Jesus Name.
  19. Secret of marriage breakers, be revealed and scatter in Jesus Name.
  20. I break the spinal cord of stubborn spirit husband/wife causing confusion in my marriage, in Jesus name.
  21. I use the blood of Jesus and Holy Ghost fire to remove every invisible leg of strange woman from my matrimonial home, in Jesus Name.
  22. Every polygamous spirit from the foundation of my marriage, I chase out by fire in the name of Jesus.
  23. Any mistake that can cause irreparable damage in my marriage, I reject by fire in Jesus Name.
  24. Every demonic hunter shooting gun at my marriage in the spirit realm, fall down and die, in Jesus Name.
  25. I am that I am, you gave Sarah and Hannah peace in their marriage, give me peace and make me fruitful, in Jesus Name.
  26. Fourth man in the fire, Jesus Christ, quench every visible/invisible pains in my marriage, in Jesus Name.
  27. O God that rubbished the counsel of Ahitophel, rubbish every counsel of evil counselors in my marriage, in Jesus Name.
  28. Marriage breakers, enough of your activities in my marriage, I cut off your legs, hands and I cut you to pieces, you must die, in Jesus Name.
She prayed and declared this for weeks but was not satisfied that she had done all that was necessary to stop this inappropriate alliance that both of them had formed. She concluded that an evil  soul tie had formed and that it needed to be broken. She pondered on the best way to approach her husband without making him resistant to all she had to say. After two weeks of drafting and re-drafting she decided she was going to send both of them text messages to introduce that matter.

To Ekaete she wrote : Ekaete, You CANNOT Text My Husband ! Be warned!

For Samson she composed : Hi Honey, how is working going? I decided to go do my hair and nails today after my meeting with Claudia. I hope you will like the style I chose. You know I do them to look good for you. My dear,there is a matter I will like to bring to you attention that has been bothering me for a while now. It's your communication with Ekaete. I know you are very fond of her and always willing to help her. I want to believe that unknown to you an appropriate soul tie often developed without your knowledge. I am a woman and my instincts tell me you are on a wrong path. I know what I am talking about. I believe strongly that you need to wean yourself from that girl. Please darling, for the interest of our marriage could you cut all communication with her? Don’t call anymore. Don’t answer her phone calls. Don’t email her. Delete her email and phone contact. Please don't say my paranoia has resumed like you always say. I see danger ahead. Talk to you when you get home.

Love Always B💓.

At 7pm , she heard Samson park his car in the garage. Her heart skipped a beat. She feigned sleep.
To Be Continued


  1. This is a funny and interesting story I'll love to read to the end.
    Thumbs up!

  2. Nice....... Where is the to be continued o... I dinuh av dat thing called patience.... Dont do what GOT did to me... Please


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