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Q & A ISSUES OF THE HEART By Julie Akhimien Q. I cannot deny that he loves me. Every little thing he does shows and proves this fact. I was brought up in a home that encourages you to look after your husband to be in terms of food- i.e. cooking for him. But my fiancé would never let me do that for him, whether in his house or in mine. He has never touched me, and he says that there are boundaries we must not cross. Please is there something I am missing? Is it wrong for me to desire to cook for him or do you think he is up to something? A. May be I should start by saying I do not think your fiancé is up to something, and you are not missing anything and your desire to cook for him is not wrong. It would be right to say he is just being careful, I mean as per boundaries, something I sincerely think you should be grateful to God for. He seems to be one of those guys who truly have the fear of God in his heart and it shows how much respect he has for you, he is laying a good foundati