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Somebody Help: Baba Isheri Has Gone Deaf

He seemed so happy when he walked past Derenle's Akamu stand. He was in a world of his own. He was whistling the song "Otito Koro"- meaning the truth is bitter. The only odd thing about him was the new look he now had. Baba was always looking very debonair in his custom white Babariga. He now wore a scruffy looking beard and adorned a casual dansiki and sokoto with a leather slippers to match. Derenle and her fellow evening market women could not help but comment on Baba's current state. Rumor had it that Bimpe, his bride of 8 years,  made reports to his people in Ilesa that Baba Isheri  had turned into another man. He no longer "listened" to her. " All that brings him joy is his cocoa farm ", she claimed. She claimed he dotes over his farm produce like one who was betrothed to the village belle.  When she was asked if Baba kept late nights with friends, she said no. Does he follow other women? She said no. Does he come to bed at night?